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Developing Applications with Oracle JDeveloper
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Developing Java Applications

This part describes how to develop Java applications with Oracle JDeveloper. JDeveloper simplifies the development of Java-based applications and user interfaces by providing support for the full development life cycle.

This part of the book contains the following chapters:

  • Chapter 10, "Getting Started with Developing Java Applications"

    This chapter introduces the tools and features that JDeveloper provides to help you develop Java applications. These include the Java Source Editor, toolbar icons, and Code Insight.

  • Chapter 11, "Working with Java Code"

    This chapter describes how to use JDeveloper editors, tools and features to create the code for your Java applications. These include features for browsing, annotating, and refactoring the Java code.

  • Chapter 12, "Building Java Projects"

    This chapter describes the various methodsJDeveloper provides for building and compiling your Java projects and applications.

  • Chapter 13, "Optimizing Java Projects"

    This chapter describes how to optimize, audit, profile, and unit test Java projects. Two types of profiling are supported: Memory and CPU profiling. You can use JDeveloper's Code Assist feature to perform background audits while you edit code. JDeveloper generates a report of all audit rule violations, where you can a fix a rule violation. To unit test your project, you can use the JUnit plug-in.

  • Chapter 14, "Running and Debugging Java Programs"

    This chapter describes how to run and debug Java programs. JDeveloper offers several techniques to monitor and control the way Java programs run. When running Java programs, JDeveloper keeps track of processes that are run and debugged.

  • Chapter 15, "Implementing Java Swing User Interfaces"

    This chapter describes how to develop Java Swing interfaces. It describes the fundamental tasks you perform as you work with components and the JDeveloper UI design tools to create a user interface.

  • Chapter 16, "Working with JavaBeans"

    This chapter describes how to use JavaBeans to create reusable software components for building Java applets and Java client applications. It describes the first step in developing a bean for reuse, create the JavaBean class as well as additional steps such as creating a BeanInfo class, and using standard and anonymous adapters.