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Using Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder
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This book details conceptual, topology and configuration topics about Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder. This Preface includes the following topics:


The intended audience is system administrators who will use Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder for their organizations.

What's New in This Release

This release of Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder contains the following new features or product enhancements:

  • The latest versions of introspection plug-ins are shipped with their respective Oracle Fusion Middleware components and installed into those component's Oracle Home at installation time. Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder can discover those plug-ins and install them into the Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder installation for use in introspection.

  • Ability to customize introspection plug-ins, for example to expose a specific parameter as a late binding, or execute a custom script on reconfiguration. Changes to the scripting API that supports scripts for the custom reconfiguration scripts and generic appliances features. Lifecycle enhancements for the Deployer affecting reconfiguration scripts.

  • Custom appliance properties: Ability to add custom properties to an appliance that can be edited along with appliance's pre-defined properties during assembly editing and as part of deployment plan. With this feature you can configure, and/or operate a custom product or component that gets deployed with an Oracle product in an appliance.

  • Support for configuring base OS images used to create an appliance with logical volumes (Logical Volume Management).

  • Wiring support for generic appliances: you can now perform wiring of generic appliances to connect from/to other appliances in the assembly, connect to external resources, and exchange properties between connected appliances.

  • Enhancements and new features in Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Studio, as well as new abctl command-line and Web service interfaces:

    • Commands to check assembly requirements against available resources.

    • Deployer connection manager for managing connections to the Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Deployer.

    • A new Task viewer tracks long running operations and allows cancellation of some operations.

  • Deployer as a clustered service: the Deployer can run in an Oracle WebLogic Server cluster with two or more managed servers and take advantage of the clustering to balance the work amongst multiple servers and avoid a single point of failure.

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