F Smart Upgrade Support for JDBC

WebLogic Server SmartUpgrade is an Oracle JDeveloper extension and command-line utility that analyzes the applications previously deployed on Oracle OC4J. It then offers advice and performs actions that can help you successfully redeploy the applications on Oracle WebLogic Server. You can analyze an application archive, or you can analyze an application or project you have opened in Oracle JDeveloper. In addition, SmartUpgrade can analyze the OC4J server where you deployed your applications and provide advice on how to set up a similar configuration in Oracle WebLogic Server.

In addition to providing a comprehensive report with specific findings about each application, SmartUpgrade can also automate some of the upgrade tasks. For JDBC, the OC4J J2EE_HOME\home\config\data-sources.xml file and each data source configuration file defined for an application (ear) can be upgraded to the corresponding WebLogic Server JDBC data source definitions.

Smart upgrade supports the following feature conversions.

Smart Upgrade is not shipped with WebLogic Server but can be downloaded separately from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/downloads/smartupgrade-085160.html.