3.13 Unchecking "Required for Authentication" Option in DYNAMIC_OLAP_LOGIN Initialization Block

To avoid authentication issues post migration, you must uncheck the Required for Authentication option in the DYNAMIC_OLAP_LOGIN initialization block.


Follow this procedure only if you are migrating from Oracle BI Release to 12c.
To uncheck the Required for authentication option:
  1. Open the repository in offline mode.
    1. Change to the following directory on the 12c system:
      On UNIX operating system:
      On Windows operating system:
      Replace the value of DOMAIN_HOME with the actual Domain home on your 12c system.
    2. Run the following command:
      sh data-model-cmd.sh downloadrpd –u uname –p pwd –o downloaded.rpd –w rpd_password

      -o is the output RPD
      -w rpd_password  is the RPD password, say Admin123

    3. Open the downloaded repository offline in the BI Administration Tool, which you installed with the client installer.
  2. Complete the following steps:
    1. From the Manage menu in the BI Administration Tool, select Variables.
    2. In the Variable Manager dialog, from the Action menu, select Session, then Initialization Blocks.
    3. In the Variable Initialization Block dialog, locate DYNAMIC_OLAP_LOGIN.
    4. Open the DYNAMIC_OLAP_LOGIN properties, and uncheck the Required for Authentication checkbox.
    5. Click Apply and save the repository.
  3. Open the repository in online mode using the uploadrpd command.
    DOMAIN_HOME/bitools/bin/data-model-cmd.sh uploadrpd –u uname –p pwd –i downloaded.rpd –w rpd_password