Making Corrections to the Group Account Number Configuration for E-Business Suite

When a user maps a GL natural account to an incorrect group account number, incorrect accounting entries might be inserted into the fact table.

For example, the natural account 1210 is mistakenly classified under 'AR' group account number when it should be classified under 'AP' group account number. When this happens, the ETL program will charge all the GL journal lines to account 1210 and try to reconcile these GL journal lines against subledger accounting records in the AR fact table (W_AR_XACT_F). Since these GL journal lines did not come from AR, the ETL program will not be able to find the corresponding subledger accounting records for these GL journal lines. In this case, the ETL program will insert 'Manual' records into the AR fact table because it thinks that these GL journal lines are 'Manual' journal entries created directly in the GL system charging to the AR accounts.

The configuration file or files for this task are provided on installation of Oracle BI Applications at one of the following locations:

  • Source-independent files: <Oracle Home for BI>\biapps\etl\data_files\src_files\.

  • Source-specific files: <Oracle Home for BI>\biapps\etl\data_files\src_files\<source adaptor>.


If you are deploying OTBI-Enterprise, then you must download the CSV files from Configuration Manager, as follows: 1. From the Tasks bar, click Define Business Intelligence Applications. 2. Click Actions, then Manage Source Configuration Data Files. 3. Click the Export Source Configuration Data Files option on the tool bar. 4. Move the required files to the right hand list, then click Export.

Your system administrator will have copied these files to another location and configured ODI connections to read from this location. Work with your system administrator to obtain the files. When configuration is complete, your system administrator will need to copy the configured files to the location from which ODI reads these files.

How to Make Corrections to the Group Account Number Configuration for E-Business Suite:

  1. Correct the mapping of GL natural account to the group account in the input CSV file named file_group_acct_codes_ora.csv.

    For example, before correction, a CSV file has the following values (Incorrect Group Account Number assignment):


    • FROM ACCT = 2210

    • TO ACCT = 2210


    After correction, account '2210' should now correctly point to 'AP' group account number, and the CSV file would have the following (corrected) values:


    • FROM ACCT = 2210

    • TO ACCT = 2210


  2. Save the file.

    Based on the Group Account corrections made in the CSV file, the next ETL process will reassign the group accounts correctly and correct the entries that were made to the fact tables from the previous ETL run(s).