Setting Up SIA Administration Recruiting Security for PeopleSoft

The Student Financial module is secured by Business Unit and Academic Institution, (except the Credit history Subject Area, which is only secured by Business Unit).

From the object security perspective, the table shows the default job roles for Student Financial module access.

Role Name Description

Admissions Manager

Manages Recruiting processes to meet the enrollment targets.

Campus Solutions Administrator

Administrator of Campus Solutions.

The table shows the Duty Roles and data security roles that are used by the Admissions and Recruiting module.

Role Name Role Type


Duty Role


Duty Role


Data Security Role

To set up SIA student financial security:

  1. Log into Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console.
  2. Click the Lock and Edit button.
  3. Navigate to Security Realms, myrealm, Users and Groups, then Users.
  4. On the Users tab, create a new user.

    Ensure that the same user is present in the Peoplesoft Campus Solution OLTP system.

  5. Navigate to Security Realms, myrealm, Users and Groups, then Groups.
  6. On the Groups tab, create the same group as that available in the JAZN file.

    For example, Bursar, or Admissions Manager.

  7. Navigate to Security Realms, myrealm, Users and Groups, then Users, and click on the newly created user.
  8. Click on the groups tab and associate the user with the appropriate application role along with BIAuthors and BIConsumers roles and save the changes.
  9. Click the Release Configuration button.
All role mappings are accomplished inside the JAZN file, which is provided with the Oracle BI Applications installation. Any new role mapping is a part of the customization effort and the JAZN file needs to be updated.