Implementing Org-Based Security for Employee Expense Subject Areas

You can implement Org-based security for Employee Expense Subject Areas. The employee expense subject areas support security by Business Unit for corporate card administrators, expense managers, and spend executives. The list of values a user has access to is determined by the grants in the source application system.

This table shows which initialization blocks need to be enabled for each source system.

Source System Initialization Block

Oracle Fusion Applications

PROC_SPEND_AN:SECURITY:Employee Expense Corporate Card BU List

PROC_SPEND_AN:SECURITY:Employee Expense Violation BU List

Oracle EBS

Operating Unit Organizations EBS

Oracle PeopleSoft

Operating Unit Organizations PSFT

  1. In Oracle BI Administration Tool, edit the BI metadata repository (for example, OracleBIAnalyticsApps.rpd).
  2. Choose Manage, then Variables.
  3. Under Session – Initialization Blocks, open the initialization block that you need to enable and indicate the one appropriate for your source system.
  4. Clear the Disabled check box.
  5. Save the metadata repository (RPD file).