Manage Domain Mappings and Hierarchies: Domain Mappings Tab

Use this tab to verify that data is mapped correctly from the Source Instance to Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse, and edit the domain member mappings if required.

For example, in a HR application you might want to check that the EMPLOYEE_SEX code in the Source Instance maps to W_EMPLOYEE_SEX_MF in the target system. Or, you might want to change the Range Start and Range End values for a category (or Range) mapping.

When you first display this tab, the Domain mappings list is empty. Use the Search pane to specify the BI Application Module that you want to look at.

Element Description

Domain Mappings

Use this list to navigate and view the Domain Mappings. If this list is empty, use the Search pane to specify the functional area (that is BI Application Modules, Dimensions or Fact Groups) that you want to configure.

The domains in the Source Domain list at the left hand side map to the adjacent domains in the Target Domain list at the right hand side.

When you select a domain in the Domain Mappings list, domain members are displayed in the Domain Member Mappings list below.

Domain Member Mappings

Use this list to view and edit the Domain Member Mappings for the domain map that is currently selected in the Domain Mappings list.

  • Edit Domain Member Mappings (Edit icon) - Use this option to display the Edit Domain Member Mappings dialog, which enables you to edit the member mappings.

    If the Edit Domain Member Mappings icon (Edit icon) is grayed out, then the Domain is non-extensible (for more information, (contact your BI administrator).

Search (Only displayed when this dialog is invoked directly from Configuration Manager. Search is not available when this dialog is invoked from FSM.)

For User Assistance on the Search pane, see Search pane.

If only one Source System is defined, then when you select a value in the Source Instance drop-down list the other search fields are not populated by default with 'All'. You must select values in the other search fields before clicking Search.