Implementing OM Inventory Org-Based Security for EBS

Order Management Analytics supports security over Inventory Organizations in OM subject areas. The list of Inventory Organizations that a user has access to is determined by the grants in EBS.

The following BI Duty Roles are applicable to the Order Management subject area.

  • Order Management Analyst

  • Order Management Executive

  • Order Fulfillment Analyst

  • Order Fulfillment Executive

These duty roles control the subject areas and dashboard content to which the user has access. Additionally, they ensure that the data security filters are applied to all the queries.

To define new groups and mappings for users and BI roles, see How to Define New Groups and Mappings for Users and BI Roles.

To apply data security filters, enable the appropriate initialization blocks depending on the deployed source system. To enable Inventory Org Based security for EBS, enable E-Business Suite initialization block and make sure the initialization blocks of all other source systems are disabled. The initialization block names relevant to various source systems are given below. If more than one source system is deployed, then you must also enable the initialization blocks of those source systems.

Oracle Fusion Applications: SCOM_AN: SECURITY: Inv Org Shipments List

E-Business Suite: Inventory Organizations EBS

  1. In Oracle BI Administration Tool, edit the BI metadata repository (for example, OracleBIAnalyticsApps.rpd).
  2. Open the variable by navigating to: Manage, then Variables, then Session, then Variables, then Non-System, then INV_ORG.
  3. Open the initialization block by navigating menu: Manage, then Variables, then Session, then Initialization blocks, then Inventory Organizations EBS.
  4. Clear the Disabled check box.
  5. Save the repository.