Specify Inventory Location

If this is your first Oracle installation on a host that is running UNIX or Linux system software, you must use this screen to specify the location of the Oracle inventory directory.

The inventory directory is used by the installer to keep track of all Oracle products installed on the computer.

Field Description

Inventory Directory

Use this field to identify the complete path for the new Oracle inventory directory that will be created.

By default, the installer assumes you will create the Oracle inventory in a directory, based on the following environment variable and path:


If this location is not appropriate for your environment, enter a new path for the location of the inventory directory.

Note that the inventory directory will eventually contain many files, including log files for each Oracle software installation you perform on this system.

Operating System Group Name

From the Operating System Group drop-down menu, select the group whose members you want to grant access to the inventory directory; all members of this group will be able to install products on this system.