Synchronizing Deletes for a Cloud Extract

If you are loading data into the Universal Content Management (UCM) server using a Cloud Extract, then you use Oracle BI Cloud Connector Console (BICCC) to synchronize deletes in the source system with deletes in the Cloud Extract data.

Before you start, log into Oracle BI Cloud Connector Console using the Web link and user name supplied to you by Oracle Cloud Support. You can also start Oracle BI Cloud Connector Console using a HTTP URL based on the following format: http://<FA OHS Host>:<FA OHS Port>/biacm.
To synchronize your Cloud Extract data:
  1. Select the Configure Cloud Extract link on the Tasks pane.
  2. Click the Manage Extract Schedules icon (Manage Extract Schedules iconto display the Schedules dialog.
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    Description of the illustration GUID-750FB9D7-8C43-462A-A8CB-724C1C1D77C9-default.gif
  3. Click the Add icon (Add icon) to create a new schedule.
  4. Use the Name field to specify a short name to identify this schedule in Oracle BI Cloud Connector Console.
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    Description of the illustration GUID-70A2258F-37D7-4BBF-A19C-76F381D67AF9-default.gif
  5. Select ‘Deleted Record Extract’ from the Job Type drop down.
  6. Use the Recurrence drop down to specify when you want to synchronize the data.
    You typically schedule the synchronization to run at a time when the load on the Fusion Applications source system is low, for example, during off-peak hours. In addition, you must schedule the synchronization so that it does not conflict with the Cloud Extract or the data load into the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse.
  7. Save the details.