Configuration Progress

This screen shows you the progress of your software configuration.

This screen is divided into these main parts:

  • The navigation pane on the left, which shows you where you are in the overall installation and configuration process.

  • A list of configuration tools that can be expanded and collapsed to show either the overall progress of the configuration or a more detailed listing of the progress of each configuration tool.

  • A set of control buttons (Abort, Retry, and Continue), which you can use in the event of a configuration tool failure.

  • The name and location of the configuration log file.

  • A summary of the results for each configuration tool, which includes any error messages generated by the failure of a configuration tool.

If an error occurs while any of the configuration tools are running, the installer identifies the configuration tool, stops, and alerts you of the problem. To help resolve the problem, you can:

  • Expand the list in the results section of the page, so you can see the error message that was generated.

  • Leave the installer running and use another terminal window to review the configuration log file.

  • If possible, address the problem and use the control buttons to determine your next action, as described in this table.

Element Description


Click this button to abort the installation and configuration of the Oracle Fusion Middleware software. This action closes the installer.


Click this button to retry the failed configuration tool. If you were able to identify and address the error, then use this button to try the configuration tool again.


Click this button to ignore the error and continue with the rest of the configuration tools. This is the equivalent of skipping the configuration tool that generated the error.