Enabling Initialization Blocks

For all source systems other than Oracle Fusion Applications, you must enable initialization blocks. Initialization blocks are enabled for Oracle Fusion Applications by default.

This procedure uses forward slashes to separate directories, indicating the UNIX/Linux directory structure. For Windows, substitute a backslash; the directory structure is the same as that for UNIX/Linux.
  1. Copy the sample config.txt file from ORACLE_HOME/biapps/biarpdutil/bin to ORACLE_HOME/biapps/biarpdutil/lib.
  2. Copy the Oracle BI Repository file for Oracle BI Applications from ORACLE_HOME/biapps/admin\provisioning/OracleBIServerComponent to ORACLE_HOME/biapps/biarpdutil/lib.
  3. Add ORACLE_HOME/bifoundation/server/bin to the PATH system variable.
  4. Execute the bi-init command to display a command prompt that is initialized to your Oracle instance. The bi-init file is located in ORACLE_INSTANCE/bifoundation/OracleBIApplication/coreapplication/setup.
    • For Windows, execute bi-init.cmd.

    • For UNIX/Linux:

      1. Switch to bash mode.

      2. Execute bi-init.sh.

  5. Edit the config.txt file that you copied to ORACLE_HOME/biapps/biarpdutil/lib:
    RPD File Name <RPD file name>
    RPD Password <RPD pasword>
    RPD Database List <Comma separated list of database names in RPD physical layer for which the initialization block has to be enabled>

    The values in the repository database list must include all initialization blocks related to the source system that need to be enabled. Oracle BI Server must be included as a value in the repository database list if an initialization block that needs to be refreshed from the Oracle BI EE server is to be enabled.

  6. Execute the ManageInitBlock.jar utility, located in ORACLE_HOME/biapps/biarpdutil/lib, using this command:
    java -classpath ManageInitBlock.jar oracle.apps.biarpdutil.ManageInitBlock >log.txt

    An output repository is generated. The file is named Output_RPD.rpd. All relevant initialization blocks are enabled in Output_RPD.rpd.

  7. Deploy the Output_RPD.rpd to Oracle BI EE.

    To deploy an Oracle BI Repository, see Configuring Repositories in System Administrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.