User Access to Configuration Manager, FSM, and Oracle Data Integrator

On installation the Oracle BI Applications system is configured to use WebLogic Server embedded LDAP for authentication. Work with your security administrator to grant users access to Configuration Manager, Functional Setup Manager (FSM), and ODI.

Access to Configuration Manager and FSM is controlled through these duty roles:

  • BI Applications Administrator Duty

  • BI Applications Functional Developer Duty

  • BI Applications Implementation Manager Duty

  • Load Plan Operator Duty

  • Load Plan Administrator Duty

The security administrator must grant the appropriate duty roles to a user based on the user's job responsibilities. See Duty Roles for Access to Functional Setup Manager or Configuration Manager in Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Security Guide.

The Oracle BI Applications administrator, load plan operator, and load plan administrator users require appropriate access to ODI. In addition to these users being created in the LDAP system, you must create these users in the ODI Repository and grant them the Supervisor profile or an appropriate ODI profile. The Oracle BI Applications administrator must be granted the Supervisor role in ODI. Work with your security administrator to grant the duty roles.

To manage security in ODI, see Managing the Security in Oracle Data Integrator in Developing Integration Projects with Oracle Data Integrator.

Additionally, you must complete the following steps to configure the Signout link to work for Configuration Manager on an Oracle Access Manager (OAM) enabled environment:
  1. Execute the commands through WLST as the following:

    logouturi="/oamsso/logout.html", autologinuri="/obrar.cgi")
    cd <MW_HOME>/oracle_common/common/bin
    connect ('biadmin,'welcome1','t3://<WLS_HOST>:<WLS_PORT');
    logouturi="/oamsso/logout.html", autologinuri="/obrar.cgi") 
  2. Bounce bi_server1.