What Security Components Are Installed By Default?

After installing Oracle BI Applications on the Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (Oracle BI EE) platform, you get the following ready-to-use security components.

  • Oracle WebLogic Server LDAP, containing a set of default Enterprise Roles.

    This LDAP also contains system Users that are required for BI components.

  • Oracle BI Applications

For illustrative purposes, it is assumed that you are using the default Oracle WebLogic Server LDAP and Policy Store to deploy Oracle BI Applications. For example, you might use the default security components for testing, and then migrate the Users and Enterprise Roles to a different LDAP (for example, Oracle Internet Directory) for production. If you to deploy a different LDAP, such as Oracle Internet Directory, then you can migrate Users and Enterprise Roles from Oracle WebLogic Server LDAP to that LDAP.