Guide News

The following topics introduce the new and changed features of Oracle Fusion Applications and significant changes to the guide.

New and Changed Features for Release 12 (11.12.x.0.0)

In this user guide, the nomenclature “11.12.x.0.0”, where “x” is a number, is used to indicate the release and patch releases for which the guide is applicable. When using this document be sure to replace ”x” with the number of the release that is being used.

The feature enhancements in Oracle Fusion Applications Release 12 (11.12.x.0.0) did not affect the administrative tasks directly. The following changes were made to the documentation:

  • Updates made in the Security section regarding Security Console and Authorization Policy Manager (APM)

  • Updates to the changing password process by adding the topic Use CCU to Change Common User Passwords

  • Updates to SOA Suite by adding a new section about Database Growth Management

  • Updates to Troubleshooting Oracle WebCenter Portal and Oracle WebCenter Content

  • The Handle Policies During Patching and Upgrades section was removed as patching policies are not done by the customer anymore

  • Updates to the Backup and Recovery section due to the APM and LDAP changes

  • Updates to Troubleshoot Oracle SOA Suite, Middle Tier Performance, Oracle Identity Management and Oracle Enterprise Performance Management sections

Significant Changes in this Document for 11g Release 9 (11.1.9)

In 11g Release 9, this guide was entirely reorganized and overhauled. The Troubleshooting information, formerly in the Oracle Fusion Applications Troubleshooting Guide, was edited and merged with this guide. The former Oracle Applications Performance and Tuning Guide was also merged. In addition to rearranged, updated, deleted, or added material to every section, note the following changes:

  • Enterprise Manager Cloud Control is the recommended administrative tool that incorporates and supersedes Fusion Applications Control and Fusion Middleware Control user interfaces

  • Information on installing and configuring Cloud Control has been added

  • Information on monitoring, metrics, and compliance has been added or enhanced

  • Information on high-availability has been moved to the Oracle Fusion Applications Installation Guide

  • Information on Language Packs has been moved to the Oracle Fusion Applications Installation Guide

  • Information on troubleshooting for Business Intelligence components has been enhanced and updated

  • Password and Certificate Management has been completely re-written