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Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management
Release 12


Get Started with Oracle Cloud

Sign in and get startedOpens a video

Explore the desktop pagesOpens a video

Use applications helpOpens a video

Use Product Master Data Management

Use the Product Information Management work areaOpens a video

Use Innovation Management

Post an idea and enrich it with detailsOpens a video

Create a proposal from an idea and add detailsOpens a video

Create a requirements specification and add a requirementOpens a video

Build and organize a requirements specification hierarchyOpens a video

Add a requirements specification to another requirements specificationOpens a video

Roll up requirement attributes in requirements specificationsOpens a video

Build a concept structureOpens a video

Add requirement specifications to a conceptOpens a video

Assign requirements in a concept structureOpens a video

View related objects graphicallyOpens a video

Convert a concept component to an itemOpens a video

Add a proposal as a scenario elementOpens a video

Compare scenariosOpens a video

Define portfolio metrics and resource capacityOpens a video

Use Receiving

Create a self-service receiptOpens a video

Use Product Development

Explore the information tiles in Product DevelopmentOpens a video

Create an item and build an item structureOpens a video

Create a manufacturer and manufacturer partOpens a video

Create a change order and submit it for approvalOpens a video

Use a change order to add manufacturer parts to an item structureOpens a video