Data provider types: Oracle Essbase


HypUpdateLRO() updates linked reporting objects associated with the cells specified by the vtSelectionRange parameter. To see the updates, you must launch the Linked Reporting Objects dialog box or or use HypListLRO.


HypUpdateLRO(vtSheetName, vtSelectionRange, vtID,vtlType, vtName, vtDescription)

ByVal vtSheetName As Variant

ByVal vtSelectionRange As Variant

ByVal vtID As Variant

ByVal vtlType As Variant

ByVal vtName As Variant

ByVal vtDescription As Variant


vtSheetName: The name of worksheet on which to run the function. If vtSheetName is Null or Empty, the active worksheet is used.

vtSelectionRange: Input variable; the range of cells to associate with the linked reporting object

vtID: Input variable; the ID of the linked reporting object to be updated

vtlType: Input variable; the linked reporting object type expressed as a constant

  • 1—Cell note

  • 2—File

  • 3—URL

vtName: Input variable; the location of the file with filename and URL information. Not used for cell note.

vtDescription: Input variable; the description of the cell note, file, or URL

Return Value

Returns 0 if successful; otherwise, returns the corresponding error code.


Public Declare Function HypUpdateLRO Lib "HsAddin" (ByVal vtSheetName As Variant, ByVal vtSelectionRange As Variant, ByVal vtID As Variant, ByVal vtlType As Variant, ByVal vtName As Variant, ByVal vtDescription As Variant) As Long

Sub Example_HypUpdateLRO
sts = HypUpdateLRO("Sheet1", Range("B3"), "2", 2, "d:\test2.txt", "linked object")
End Sub