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Results for JAVA

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Supplied Java Packages Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Oracle9i Supplied Java Packages Reference -- Contents

ContentsSkip Headers Oracle9 i Supplied Java Packages Reference Release 2 (9.2) Part Number A96609-01 Home … Preface About Oracle9 i Supplied Java Packages Reference Audience Organization Related … Documentation Conventions Documentation Accessibility What's New in Supplied Java Packages? New Features … Introduced in Supplied Java

Java Developer's Guide, 9i Release 2 (

Oracle9i Java Developer's Guide -- Contents

ContentsSkip Headers Oracle9 i Java Developer's Guide Release 2 (9.2) Part Number A96656-01 Home Book List … Who Should Read This Book? Java API Programming Models Java Information Resources Documentation … Accessibility 1 Introduction to Java in Oracle9 i Chapter Contents What's New in this Release? Upgrading … Replacement

Java Stored Procedures Developer's Guide, 9i Release 2 (

Oracle9i Java Stored Procedures Developer's Guide -- Contents

ContentsSkip Headers Oracle9 i Java Stored Procedures Developer's Guide Release 2 (9.2) Part Number A96659 … Comments Preface 1 Introduction Java and the RDBMS: A Robust Combination Stored Procedures and Run … Components of the Oracle JVM Java Stored Procedure Configuration Developing Stored Procedures: An Overview … 2 Loading Java

interMedia Java Classes User's Guide and Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Table of Contents

Table of Contents1.4.5 Input and Output Streams 1.5 Video Concepts 1.5.1 Digitized Video 1.5.2 Video Components 1.6 Java … Application Support 1.7 Writing a Java Application to Access inter Media Objects 1.8 Compatibility … with Previous Releases of inter Media 2 Program Examples Using Java Classes 2.1 OrdAudio Example … ( ) writeToSource( ) 9

OLAP User's Guide, 9i Release 2 (

Developing OLAP Applications, 3 of 5

About JavaJava is the preferred programming language for an ever-increasing number of professional software … developers. For those who have been programming in C or C++, the move to Java is easy because it … Sun Microsystems, Java is fast superseding C++ and Visual Basic as the language of choice for … application developers for the following

Data Warehousing Guide, 9i Release 2 (

OLAP and Data Mining

Java APIany application that supports Java. The API is based on the emerging JSR-073 standard. Copyright

Supplied PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference, 9i Release 2 (

DBMS_AQ, 1 of 3

Java ClassesJava interfaces are available for DBMS_AQ and DBMS_AQADM. The Java interfaces are provided in the

Data Cartridge Developer's Guide, 9i Release 2 (

Example: Pipelined Table Functions: Interface Approach

Java ImplementationIn this example, the declaration of the implementation type references Java methods instead of C … , TickerTypeSet, refcur_pkg, StockTable, and StockPivot ) are the same. The code to implement the Java

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

SQL Statements: CREATE CLUSTER to CREATE JAVA, 12 of 12

CREATE JAVAIndex Master Index Feedback View PDF CREATE JAVA Purpose Use the CREATE JAVA statement to create a … schema object containing a Java source, class, or resource. See Also: Oracle9i Java Developer's Guide … for Java concepts Oracle9i Java Stored Procedures Developer's Guide for Java

Developer's Guide, 9i Release 2 (

Introducing Oracle COM Automation Feature

Java ArchitectureOracle COM Automation Feature for Java is implemented by the Java Native Interface (JNI) as shown … in Figure 1-3, "COM Automation Feature Architecture for Java". The key components of this … architecture are the Automation class and the Java COM Proxy DLL, orawcom.dll. The interface is the Automation … class,

Getting Started, 9i Release 2 (

Developing Applications for Windows

Java EnhancementsOracle9 i includes an integrated Java Virtual Machine and JServer Accelerator. Oracle also provides … Oracle Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Drivers. For more information, see Oracle9i Java Developer's Guide.

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (


ALTER JAVAPurpose Use the ALTER JAVA statement to force the resolution of a Java class schema object or … compilation of a Java source schema object. (You cannot call the methods of a Java class before all its … external references to Java names are associated with other classes.) See Also: Oracle9i Java

Reference, 9i Release 2 (

SQL Scripts, 6 of 6

Java ScriptsJava Developer's Guide Table 5-5  Java Scripts Script Name Description initjvm.sql Initializes JServer … by installing core Java class libraries and Oracle-specific Java classes rmjvm.sql Removes all … elements of the JServer catjava.sql Installs Java-related packages and classes

SQLJ Developer's Guide and Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Translator and Runtime Functionality

Java CompilationAfter code generation, SQLJ invokes the Java compiler to compile the file. This … code generation (and presuming your application uses SQLJ executable statements). files … be located in the same directory, SQLJ passes its -d option to the Java compiler. If the -d option … is not set, then.class

Concepts, 9i Release 2 (

Introduction to the Oracle Server

Java OverviewJava is an object-oriented programming efficient for application-level programs. Java has key … : Simplicity--Java is a simpler language than most others used in server applications because of its … tools to Java developers on all platforms. Portability--Java is portable across platforms. It is

JDBC Developer's Guide and Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Reference Information

Java TechnologyHome Page (Sun Microsystems, Inc.): Java Development Kit (JDK1.2.x and 1.1

Developer's Guide, 9i Release 2 (

Oracle COM Automation Feature Core Functionality

Java APIsThis section describes the Java APIs for manipulating COM objects using the COM Automation … interface. These APIs are found in the Automation and Currency Java classes. The Automation Java class … provides access to COM objects that support COM Automation. With this Java class, you can create a COM … , or to

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (


DROP JAVAPurpose Use the DROP JAVA statement to drop a Java source, class, or resource schema object. See … Also: CREATE JAVA for information on creating Java objects Oracle9i Java Stored Procedures Developer's … Guide for more information on resolving Java sources, classes, and resources

Application Developer's Guide - Advanced Queuing, 9i Release 2 (

Messaging Gateway

Java PropertiesNone are currently used. Copyright © 1996, 2002 Oracle Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Home Book List Contents Index Master Index Feedback

JPublisher User's Guide, 9i Release 2 (

JPublisher Concepts

JPublisher Generation of Java Classes (.java), JPublisher exclusively files.) JPublisher generates the same Java code for reference … already initialized Java object to your Java object. or: Retrieve a copy of a SQL object into your Java … the Java object with a no-argument constructor and initialize its data, or