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SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Oracle Reserved Words


XML API Reference - XDK and Oracle XML DB, 9i Release 2 (

Document Object Model (DOM)

Fields of XMLPrintDriver of XMLPrintDriverImplemented Interfaces of XMLPrintDriver PrintDriver Fields of XMLPrintDriver of XMLPrintDriver … Table 2-24 Fields of XMLPrintDriver Field Syntax Description out protected XMLOutputStream out XMLOutputStream object

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Functions, 39 of 177

EMPTY_BLOB, EMPTY_CLOBSyntax empty_LOB::= Text description of empty_LOB Purpose EMPTY_BLOB and EMPTY_CLOB return an empty … ad_photo column of the sample pm.print_media table to EMPTY: UPDATE print_media SET ad_photo = EMPTY_BLOB();

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Expressions, 11 of 14

Scalar Subquery Expressionsvalue of the scalar subquery expression is the value of the select list item of the subquery. If the … subquery returns 0 rows, then the value of the scalar subquery expression is NULL. If the subquery … RETURNING clause of DML statements As the basis of a function-based index In CHECK

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Functions, 8 of 177

ASINSyntax asin::= Text description of asin Purpose ASIN returns the arc sine of n. The argument n must … be in the range of -1 to 1, and the function returns values in the range of pi/2 to pi/2 and are … expressed in radians. Examples The following example returns the arc sine of.3: SELECT ASIN(.3) "Arc_Sine"

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Functions, 125 of 177

SYS_GUIDSyntax sys_guid::= Text description of sys_guid Purpose SYS_GUID generates and returns a globally … unique identifier ( RAW value) made up of 16 bytes. On most platforms, the generated identifier … consists of a host identifier and a process or thread identifier of the process or thread invoking the … function,

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Functions, 176 of 177

ROUND and TRUNC Date Functionstruncated to the day with a time of midnight. Table 6-4   Date Format Models for the ROUND and TRUNC Date … Functions Format Model Rounding or Truncating Unit CC SCC One greater than the first two digits of a … Quarter (rounds up on the sixteenth day of the second month of the quarter) MONTH MON MM RM Month

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Conditions, 11 of 13

IS OF type ConditionsUse the IS OF type condition to test object instances based on their specific type information … . is_of_type_condition::= Text description of is_of_type_condition You must have EXECUTE privilege on all … you specify the NOT keyword) under either of these circumstances: The most specific type of expr is … the

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Functions, 55 of 177

INSTRSyntax instr::= Text description of instr Purpose The "in string" functions search string for … substring. The function returns an integer indicating the position of the character in string that is the … first character of this occurrence. INSTR calculates strings using characters as defined by the … input character set. INSTRB

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Functions, 163 of 177

VALUESyntax value::= Text description of value Purpose VALUE takes as its argument a correlation … variable (table alias) associated with a row of an object table and returns object instances stored in the … object table. The type of the object instances is the same type as the object table. Examples The … ) PART_TIME_EMP_T('Tim',

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Functions, 143 of 177

TO_NCHAR (number)Syntax to_nchar_number::= Text description of to_nchar_number Purpose TO_NCHAR (number) converts a … n can be of DATE, TIMESTAMP, TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE, TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE, INTERVAL

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Functions, 69 of 177

MAKE_REFSyntax make_ref::= Text description of make_ref Purpose MAKE_REF creates a REF to a row of an … view with a product_id of 3003: SELECT MAKE_REF (oc_inventories, 3003) FROM DUAL; MAKE_REF

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Functions, 56 of 177

LAGSyntax lag::= Text description of lag See Also: "Analytic Functions" for information on syntax … row of a table at the same time without a self join. Given a series of rows returned from a query and … a position of the cursor, LAG provides access to a row at a given physical offset prior to that … the offset goes

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Functions, 165 of 177

VAR_SAMPSyntax var_samp::= Text description of var_samp See Also: "Analytic Functions" for information on … syntax, semantics, and restrictions Purpose VAR_SAMP returns the sample variance of a set of numbers … . The expr is a number expression, and the function returns a value of type NUMBER. If the function is … that

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Functions, 101 of 177

REGR_ (Linear Regression) FunctionsREGR_AVGY REGR_SXX REGR_SYY REGR_SXY Syntax linear_regr::= Text description of linear_regr See Also … functions fit an ordinary-least-squares regression line to a set of number pairs. You can use them … information on valid forms of expr Oracle applies the function to the set of ( expr1, expr2 ) pairs … of

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Functions, 13 of 177

BIN_TO_NUMSyntax bin_to_num::= Text description of bin_to_num Purpose BIN_TO_NUM converts a bit vector to its … applications for selecting groups of interest from a materialized view using grouping sets. See Also

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Examples, 1 of 3

D ExamplesThe body of the SQL Reference contains examples for almost every reference topic. This appendix … contains lengthy examples that are appropriate in the context of a single SQL statement. These examples … are intended to provide uninterrupted the series of steps that you would use to take advantage of … individual

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Functions, 14 of 177

BITANDSyntax bitand::= Text description of bitand Purpose BITAND computes an AND operation on the bits of … argument1 and argument2, both of which must resolve to nonnegative integers, and returns an integer … follows. Note: This function does not determine the datatype of the value returned. Therefore, in SQL*Plus

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Functions, 31 of 177

CURRENT_TIMESTAMPSyntax current_timestamp::= Text description of current_timestamp Purpose CURRENT_TIMESTAMP returns … the current date and time in the session time zone, in a value of datatype TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE … . The time zone displacement reflects the current local time of the SQL session. If you omit … the optional argument, precision

SQL Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Functions, 170 of 177

XMLCOLATTVALSyntax XMLColAttVal::= Text description of XMLColAttVal Purpose XMLColAttVal creates an XML … attribute "name". You can use the AS c_alias clause to change the value of the name attribute to something … value_expr. Examples The following example creates an Emp element for a subset of employees, with nested … employee_id, last_name,