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Results for OLAP

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OLAP DML Reference

OLAP DML Reference - Contents

ContentsConventions What's New in the OLAP DML? New Features in the OLAP DML OLAP DML Statement Changes for … Oracle Database 11 g OLAP DML Statement Changes for Oracle Database 10 g OLAP DML Statement Changes for … Oracle Database 9 i 1 OLAP DML Basic Concepts What is the OLAP

OLAP User's Guide

OLAP User's Guide - Contents

ContentsConventions What's New in Oracle OLAP? Oracle Database 11 g Release 2 ( Oracle OLAP Oracle … Database 11 g Release 2 (11.2) Oracle OLAP Oracle Database 11 g Release 1 (11.1) Oracle OLAP 1 Overview … OLAP Technology in the Oracle Database Full Integration of Multidimensional Technology Ease of

Database SQL Language Reference

OLAP Functions

OLAP FunctionsOLAP functions returns data from a dimensional object in two-dimension relational format. The OLAP function is: CUBE_TABLE

OLAP Expression Syntax Reference

OLAP Expression Syntax Reference - Contents

ContentsExamples 2 OLAP Functions OLAP Functions in Alphabetical Order OLAP Functions By Category Aggregate … Functions Analytic Functions Hierarchical Functions Lag Functions OLAP DML Functions Rank Functions

Database Data Warehousing Guide

Data Warehousing Concepts

OLAPOracle Database offers the industry's first and only embedded OLAP server. Oracle OLAP provides … entire spectrum of business intelligence and advanced analytical applications. Oracle OLAP uses a … historical data in real time. Oracle OLAP is fully integrated in the database, so that you can use … standard SQL

OLAP Java API Developer's Guide

OLAP Java API Developer's Guide - Contents

Contents11.2 What's New in 11.1 1 Introduction to the OLAP Java API OLAP Java API Overview What the OLAP Java … API Can Do Describing the Classes in the OLAP Java API Describing the Dimensional Data Model … Implementing the Dimensional Data Model Organizing the Data for OLAP Accessing Data Through the OLAP

OLAP Customizing Analytic Workspace Manager

OLAP Customizing Analytic Workspace Manager - Contents

ContentsList of Examples List of Figures List of Tables Title and Copyright Information Preface Audience Documentation Accessibility Related Documents Conventions 1 Customizing With XML Documents Describing SQL Reports Creating an XML Document for SQL Reports Example of a Simple Report Creating Report Folders Using Bind Variables to Restrict the Report Contents Creating Reports in Object Folders Reference:

Database Concepts


OLAPOnline Analytical Processing. OLAP is characterized by dynamic, dimensional analysis of historical data.

Database PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference


Upgrading Analytic Workspaces From OLAP 10g to OLAP 11gAnalytic Workspaces From OLAP 10g to OLAP 11g You can upgrade an Oracle OLAP 10 g analytic workspace … to OLAP 11 g by saving the metadata in an XML template and using it to create a new analytic … : Oracle recommends using Analytic Workspace Manager for performing upgrades. See the Oracle OLAP User's

Warehouse Builder Data Modeling ETL, and Data Quality Guide,

Oracle Warehouse BuilderTransformations Reference

OLAP TransformationsOLAP transformations enable Oracle Warehouse Builder users to load data stored in relational … dimensions and cubes into an analytic workspace. The OLAP transformations provided by Oracle Warehouse … transformations are used for cube cloning in Oracle Warehouse Builder. Use these OLAP transformations … used to explain these OLAP

OLAP DML Reference

OLAP DML Programs

6 OLAP DML ProgramsThis chapter provides information about creating OLAP DML programs. It includes the following … topics: Programs Provided With the OLAP DML Creating OLAP DML Programs Specifying Program Contents … Compiling Programs Testing and Debugging Programs Executing Programs Common Types of OLAP DML Programs User-Written Programs

OLAP User's Guide

Administering Oracle OLAP

OLAP DBA ScriptsYou can download a file that contains several SQL scripts from the Oracle OLAP Web site on the … this URL: Table 7-6 … OLAP DBA Scripts SQL Script Description aw_objects_in_cache Identifies the objects in the buffer … . olap_pga_performance Determines how much

Communications Data Model Reference

Oracle Communications Data Model OLAP Model Dimensions

Introduction to OLAP ArchitectureOracle Data Warehouse for Communications (Oracle Communications Data Model Relational) contains the lowest level CDR details, low level combination of base tables and the summary, average, and so on, of Base and Derived data. Oracle Communications Data Model Relational was developed in a relational database.

Retail Data Model Reference

Oracle Retail Data Model OLAP ETL

OLAP Component Load ScriptsThe OLAP component load scripts includes the following scripts: OLAP Component Initial Load Script … OLAP Component Incremental Load Script OLAP Component Initial Load Script The OLAP cube initial load … schema into the analytic workspace dimension and cubes and typically, executes the OLAP

Retail Data Model Release Notes

Oracle® Retail Data Model Release Notes

OLAP C Patch RequiredBefore installing Oracle Retail Data Model you need to obtain the appropriate OLAP C Patch for your … platform and install the OLAP C patch for Oracle Database Do the following to obtain … and install the OLAP C patch: To obtain the appropriate patch for your platform, go to My Oracle … select Enter. Choose the patch

Airlines Data Model Installation Guide

Installation of Oracle Airlines Data Model

Recompiling OLAP Viewsstatements to recompile the OLAP views in the sample schema: ALTER VIEW CUST_RVN_VIEW_OLAPC COMPILE; ALTER VIEW CUST_RVN_VIEW_FIN COMPILE;

Retail Data Model Reference

Oracle Retail Data Model OLAP Dimensions

OLAP Dimensions OverviewTable 8-1 lists the OLAP dimensions and each dimension description includes the following … part of On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP). A dimensional data model is as much a logical model as … , hierarchies, levels, and attributes. For a more complete introduction to the OLAP dimensional … models, see Oracle OLAP

Retail Data Model Installation Guide

Installation of Oracle Retail Data Model

Recompiling OLAP Viewsthe sample schema: $ORACLE_HOME/ordm/pdm/olap/ordm_olap_11_2_cubeview_extnd.sql

OLAP Java API Developer's Guide

Discovering Metadata

Connecting to Oracle OLAPTo connect to the Oracle OLAP server in an Oracle Database instance, an OLAP Java API client … classes that you use to establish a connection to Oracle OLAP are in the Java archive file ojdbc5.jar

OLAP DML Reference

OLAP DML Functions: A - K

About OLAP DML FunctionsOLAP functions work in much the same way as functions work in other programming languages. They … initiate action and return a value. The one exception is the looping nature of OLAP DML functions as … discussed in \"OLAP DML Statements Apply to All of the Values of a Data Object\". Most of the OLAP DML … functions