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Utilities, 9i Release 2 (

External Tables Concepts

Byte-Order Markscontains a byte-order mark (BOM), then the byte-order mark is written at the beginning of the … corresponding bad and discard files. With external table loads, the byte-order mark is not written at the beginning of the bad and discard files.

Utilities, 9i Release 2 (

Field List Reference

Specifying Byte OrderTo specify the byte order of data in the input datafiles, use the following syntax in the SQL … file. It is possible to specify a different byte order for different datafiles. However, the

Administration, 9i Release 2 (

Administering Storage Components in Real Application Clusters

The ORDER OptionThe ORDER option of CREATE SEQUENCE guarantees that sequence numbers are generated in the order of … the requests. You can use the ORDER option for time- stamp numbers and other sequences that must … indicate the request order across multiple processes and instances. If you do not need Oracle to issue … sequence

Sample Schemas, 9i Release 2 (


Order Entry (OE)… Some customers order through the Internet, so email addresses are also recorded. Because of language … and territory of each customer. When a customer places an order, the company tracks the date of the … order, the mode of the order, status, shipping mode, total amount of the order, and the

Data Warehousing Guide, 9i Release 2 (

Materialized Views

ORDER BY ClauseAn ORDER BY clause is allowed in the CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW statement. It is used only during the … materialized view in the order specified in the ORDER BY clause. This initial ordering provides physical … due to the physical clustering. The ORDER BY clause is not considered part of the materialized view

Workflow Guide (Oracle Workflow Help), 9i Release 2 (

B2B Purchase Order Event (Oracle Workflow Help)

B2B Purchase Order EventThis event is raised on the Buyer system when you submit a purchase order from the Buyer Workbench … wf_eventdemo.generatexml Oracle Workflow provides four default subscriptions to the B2B Purchase Order event. The … first subscription adds a correlation ID to the event message when the B2B Purchase Order event is … raised locally.

Sample Schemas, 9i Release 2 (

Oracle9i Sample Schema Scripts

Order Entry (OE) Schema ScriptsThis section shows the OE schema scripts in alphabetical order. Note: The scripts starting with

Utilities, 9i Release 2 (

External Tables Access Parameters

BYTE ORDER MARK (CHECK | NOCHECK)The BYTE ORDER MARK clause is used to specify whether or not the datafile should be checked for the … presence of a byte-order mark (BOM). BYTE ORDER MARK NOCHECK indicates that the datafile should not … be checked for a BOM and that all the data in the datafile should be read as data. BYTE ORDER MARK … specify

Utilities, 9i Release 2 (

Field List Reference

Using Byte Order Marks (BOMs)Datafiles that use a Unicode encoding (UTF-16 or UTF-8) may contain a byte-order mark (BOM) in the … to determine the byte order for all primary datafiles. SQL*Loader reads and interprets the BOM … primary datafile are read and used for checking for byte-order conflicts only. They do not change the … byte-order

Workflow Guide (Oracle Workflow Help), 9i Release 2 (

B2B Purchase Order Acknowledgement Event (Oracle Workflow Help)

B2B Purchase Order Acknowledgement EventThis event is sent from the Supplier system to the Buyer system as a purchase order acknowledgement … after the B2B Purchase Order event is received and processed.   Internal Name … Order Acknowledgement event. The first subscription adds a correlation ID to the event message when … the B2B Purchase Order Acknowledgement

Pro*COBOL® Programmer's Guide, 9i Release 2 (

Operating System Dependencies

Byte-Order of Binary DataOn some platforms such as NT, the COBOL compiler reverses the byte-ordering of binary data. See your platform-specific documentation for the COMP5 precompiler option. Copyright © 1996, 2002 Oracle Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Home Book List Contents Index Master Index Feedback

Administrator's Guide, 9i Release 2 (

Tuning Windows NT to Optimize Oracle9i

Reset Network Protocol Bind Orderused by Oracle9 i database highest priority by resetting the network protocol bind order: Choose Start

Utilities, 9i Release 2 (


Table Objects: Order of Importin the following order: Type definitions Table definitions Table data Table indexes Integrity … . This sequence prevents data from being rejected due to the order in which tables are imported. This … . When data is imported into existing tables, however, the order of import can still produce referential

Reference, 9i Release 2 (


Order of Precedence for Multiple ThesauriWhen multiple thesauri are to be compiled, precedence is determined by the order in which thesauri

Workflow Guide (Oracle Workflow Help), 9i Release 2 (

Supplier: Get Order Details Subprocess Activities (Oracle Workflow Help)

Supplier: Get Order Details Subprocess Activitiesitem number from the purchase order event message. Function Result … node, the process retrieves the item description from the purchase order event message. Function

Developer's Guide to the OLAP DML, 9i Release 2 (

Populating Workspace Data Objects, 3 of 5

Storing Dimension Values in Sorted OrderYou can store the values of a dimension in sorted order by taking the following actions: Limit the … commands sort the values of city in alphabetical order and then store the values in that order. SORT city … sorted order. SHOW VALUES (city NOSTATUS) ATLANTA COLUMBUS CONCORD LINCOLN PEORIA SEATTLE

Messages Manual, 9i Release 2 (

Oracle Data Collection Service Messages (Second Tier)

ODG-05526 Error: messages out of orderCause: An error has occurred while either trying to interpret or process a client request. This error normally includes other related errors. Action: Review other errors and contact Oracle Support Services.

OLAP Developer's Guide to the OLAP API, 9i Release 2 (

Making Queries Using Source Methods, 4 of 8

Values Ranked in Ascending or Descending Orderorder. Example 6-7 creates a new Source named sortedTuples whose values are the same as the Source … named base in sorted ascending order. Example 6-8 ranks the values of the Source named base in … descending order. Example 6-7 Ranking Values in Ascending Order Source sortedTuples = base.sortAscending … (); Example

SQLJ Developer's Guide and Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Translator Command Line and Options

Order of Precedence of Option SettingsSQLJ takes option settings in the following order. At each step, it overrides any previous settings … the command line, with options from a -props file inserted, in order from left to right. Any later

Workflow Guide (Oracle Workflow Help), 9i Release 2 (

Supplier: Top Level Order Process Activities (Oracle Workflow Help)

Supplier: Top Level Order Process Activities… Supplier: Receive External Order (Node 1) This event activity receives the B2B Purchase Order event … message that is sent to the Supplier: Top Level Order process by the Event Manager when the event is … : Receive iStore Order (Node 2) This event activity receives a purchase order event message