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SQL*Plus® User's Guide and Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Obsolete SQL*Plus Commands

SET SPACESET SPACE {1| n } Usage Notes The SET SPACE 0 and SET COLSEP \" commands have the same effect. This … prefer to use COLSEP because the SHOW command recognizes COLSEP and does not recognize SPACE.

Enterprise Manager Getting Started with the Oracle Diagnostics Pack, 9i Release 2 (

Using Advanced Event Tests Effectively

Space Managementduring the night a batch load will take place. The DBA decides to monitor the free space in this … tablespace. Should free space become a problem, he wants to be notified of the condition, but also wants a

Administrator's Guide, 9i Release 2 (

Managing Space for Schema Objects

Deallocating SpaceIt is not uncommon to allocate space to a segment, only to find out later that it is not being used … only partially used. Or, you could explicitly overallocate space by issuing the ALTER TABLE … ... ALLOCATE EXTENT statement. If you find that you have unused or overallocated space, you can release it so … that the unused space

Event Test Reference Manual, 9i Release 2 (

Windows NT Event Tests

% Free SpaceDescription Percentage Free Space calculates the ratio of available free space on the logical disk … unit to the total usable space provided by the selected logical disk drive. Note: This metric was not available prior to Oracle9 i.

Migration, 9i Release 2 (

Upgrading an Oracle7 Database Using the MIG Utility

Space RequirementsOracle9 i executables may require as much as three times the disk space required by Oracle7 … executables. This requirement may cause you to run out of disk space during the upgrade. If you are … enough hard disk space and RAM for both databases. You need to add the system requirements for … little temporary space.

Administrator's Guide, 9i Release 2 (

Managing Space for Schema Objects

Examples of Deallocating SpaceThis section provides some space deallocation examples. Deallocating Space Example 1: A table … water mark is in the middle of the second extent, and there is 40K of unused space. Figure 14-3 … space is deallocated, leaving table dquon with two remaining extents. The third extent disappears … , and the second

Utilities, 9i Release 2 (


Ensuring Sufficient Disk SpaceBefore you run Export, ensure that there is sufficient disk or tape storage space to write the … export file. If there is not enough space, Export terminates with a write-failure error. You can use … table sizes to estimate the maximum space needed. You can find table sizes in the USER_SEGMENTS view of … space

Enterprise Manager Getting Started with the Oracle Management Pack for Oracle Applications, 9i Release 2 (

Oracle Applications Advanced Event Tests

Space Event TestsConcurrent Manager Disk Free This event test monitors the growth rates of the log, output, and other partitions for the concurrent requests. A checkbox is provided to select any or all of these partitions, or any other partition on the concurrent processing server node. Note: This event test requires the Application environment (APPSORA.env) file which is located in the Application code base (APPL_TOP). 

Performance Tuning Guide and Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Building a Database for Performance

Configuring Undo SpaceOracle needs undo space to keep information for read consistency, for recovery, and for actual … management tablespaces. The V$UNDOSTAT view contains statistics for monitoring and tuning undo space. Using … this view, you can better estimate the amount of undo space required for the current workload. Oracle … Administrator's Guide

Performance Tuning Guide and Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Instance Tuning

log buffer spaceThis event occurs when server processes are waiting for free space in the log buffer, because you … the online redo logs reside do not suffer from I/O contention. The log buffer space wait event could

Administrator's Guide, 9i Release 2 (

Managing Undo Space

13 Managing Undo SpaceThis chapter describes how to manage undo space, either by using undo tablespaces or by using … rollback segments. It contains the following topics: What is Undo? Specifying the Mode for Undo Space … information about managing undo space in an Oracle Real Application Clusters environment.

Concepts, 9i Release 2 (

Data Blocks, Extents, and Segments

Free Space ManagementFree space can be managed automatically or manually. Free space can be managed automatically inside … database segments. The in-segment free/used space is tracked using bitmaps, as opposed to free … lists. Automatic segment-space management offers the following benefits: Ease of use Better space

Administrator's Guide, 9i Release 2 (

Managing Tablespaces

Manually Coalescing Free SpaceIf you find that fragmentation of space in a tablespace is high (contiguous space on your disk … appears as noncontiguous), you can coalesce any free space using the ALTER TABLESPACE... COALESCE … following statement coalesces free space in the tablespace tabsp_4: ALTER TABLESPACE tabsp_4 COALESCE … reorganize

Administrator's Guide, 9i Release 2 (

Managing Space for Schema Objects

Resumable Space Allocation OverviewThis section provides an overview of resumable space allocation. It describes how resumable … signalled for nonresumable statements): Out of space condition Maximum extents reached condition Space … the error condition disappears (for example, as a result of user intervention or perhaps sort space … : Resumable

Reference, 9i Release 2 (

Oracle Wait Events, 5 of 5

log buffer spaceWaiting for space in the log buffer because the session is writing data into the log buffer faster

Documentation Release Notes, 9i Release 2 (

Oracle9i Database Documentation Release Notes

Managing Undo SpaceIn Chapter 13, \"Managing Undo Space\", in the \"Switching Undo Tablespaces\" section, the

Administrator's Guide, 9i Release 2 (


Space Management Event TestsThis category of event tests track possible space problems, such as running out of space on a disk … or archive device. Examples of space management event tests in this category include: Disk Full … Archive Full To check for space management events, set a threshold on the free space left. For example

Concepts, 9i Release 2 (

Real Application Clusters Storage Considerations

Automatic Segment-Space Managementtable occurs in Real Application Clusters without contention to locate free space for new records. To … accomplish this, Oracle closely manages the blocks that have space for transactions that could cause … rows to exceed their available space. Oracle does this for each database object, such as a table … , cluster, or index. To

Concepts, 9i Release 2 (

Tablespaces, Datafiles, and Control Files

Managing Space in TablespacesTablespaces allocate space in extents. Tablespaces can use two different methods to keep track of … their free and used space: Locally managed tablespaces: Extent management by the tablespace … choose one of these methods of space management. You cannot alter the method at a later time. Note … automatically tracks adjacent free

Administrator's Guide, 9i Release 2 (

Managing Space for Schema Objects

Managing Resumable Space Allocationoperations in the event of space allocation failures. This enables you to take corrective action instead of … , the suspended operation automatically resumes. This feature is called resumable space allocation … topics: Resumable Space Allocation Overview Enabling and Disabling Resumable Space Allocation … Detecting

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