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SQL Reference

Functions, 160 of 177

UPPERSyntax upper::= Text description of upper Purpose UPPER returns char, with all letters uppercase … UPPER('Large') "Uppercase" FROM DUAL; Upper ----- LARGE

Label Security Administrator's Guide

Working with Labeled Data

Determining Upper and Lower Bounds of LabelsThis section describes the Oracle Label Security functions which determine the least upper bound or … returned by a query; they return one result for each row. Finding Least Upper Bound with LEAST_UBOUND … labels must all belong to the same policy. Finding Least Upper Bound with LEAST_UBOUND The … LEAST_UBOUND (LUBD) function

SQL*PlusĀ® User's Guide and Reference

SQL*Plus Error Messages

SP2-0746 command_option option out of range ( lower through upper )Cause: The specified value was not in the range. Action: Specify a value in the range.

Label Security Administrator's Guide

Administering and Using Trusted Stored Program Units

Returning Greatest Lower Bound and Least Upper Bound; LEAST_UBOUND This function returns an Oracle Label Security label that is the least upper bound of the … Also: "Determining Upper and Lower Bounds of Labels". The functions above are the same as those

Programmer's Guide

OCI Datatype Mapping and Manipulation Functions, 7 of 134

ReturnsThe upper bound of the given collection.

Error Messages

Oracle Text Messages (DRG)

DRG-10834 upper-case form of section name string too longCause: Upper-case form of the section name is longer then supported length. Action: Reduce length of section name when adding section.

Error Messages

ORA-12400 to ORA-12699

ORA-12476 least upper bound resulted in an invalid OS labelCause: You tried to do an operation that generated a least upper bound (LUB) label which is not a

SNMP Support Reference Guide

Interpreting Variables of the Oracle Database MIB

Typical RangeCan wrap around the upper limit of 2147483647 in about three days of continuous instance operation for a busy database

interMedia User's Guide and Reference

Exceptions and Error Messages

IMG-00506, "extra value in CUT rectangle"integer values for the lower-left and upper-right vertices.

Programmer's Guide

OCI Navigational and Type Functions, 35 of 36

type_name (IN)Name of the type to get. This string must be all in upper-case, or else OCI throws an internal error and the program stops.

Administrator's Guide

Synchronization with Oracle Human Resources

Configuring a SQL SELECT Statement in the Configuration File to Support Complex Selection Criteria(ppx.email_address),'@ORACLE.COM',''), EMAILADDRESS, UPPER(ppx.attribute26) GUID, UPPER(ppx.last_name) LASTNAME … , UPPER(ppx.first_name) FIRSTNAME, UPPER(ppx.middle_names) MIDDLENAME, UPPER(ppx.known_as) NICKNAME … , UPPER(SUBSTR(ppx.date_of_birth,1,6)) BIRTHDAY, UPPER(ppx.employee_number)

Supplied PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference


Syntax(IN) Context handle. tCase (IN) The tag's case; 0=asAre, 1=lower, 2=upper.

Supplied Java Packages Reference

Package oracle.xml.sql.query

useUpperCaseTagNames()Description Sets all tag names to upper case. This call should be made only after all the desired

Label Security Administrator's Guide

Releasability Using Inverse Groups

LEAST_UBOUND with Inverse GroupsThe LEAST_UBOUND (LUBD) function returns a character string label that is the least upper bound of … upper bound is the highest level, the union of the compartments in the labels, and t he union of the … groups in the labels. With inverse groups, the least upper bound is the highest level, the union of the … , with inverse groups

interMedia User's Guide and Reference

Exceptions and Error Messages

IMG-00505, "missing value in CUT rectangle"integer values for the lower-left and upper-right vertices.

Programmer's Guide

OCI Datatype Mapping and Manipulation Functions, 7 of 134

CommentsReturns the maximum number of elements that the given collection can hold. A value of zero indicates that the collection has no upper bound.



exactSpecify TRUE for an exact count. Specify FALSE for an upper-bound estimate. Specifying FALSE returns a less accurate number but runs faster.

Application Developer's Guide - Advanced Queuing

Managing AQ

Restrictions on Queue Management: Queue names and queue table names are converted to upper case. Mixed case (upper and lower case

Globalization Support Guide

OCI Programming in a Global Environment

flag(IN)Specify the case to which to convert: OCI_NLS_UPPERCASE: Convert to upper case OCI_NLS_LOWERCASE