A Keyboard Shortcuts for Oracle Big Data Manager

You can use the keystroke shortcuts to perform actions in the Oracle Big Data Manager console, as described below.

Table A-1 Keyboard Shortcuts in the Big Data Manager Console

Task Keyboard Shortcut

Change the currently selected item

Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow

Open the selected directory/container


Navigate back to parent directory/container


Select the first item in list

Home or PageUp

Select the last item in list

End or PageDown

Switch between left and right panel in the Data Explorer


Deselect the currently selected item


Open the Rename dialog (supported only on HDFS)


Reload the content of the current panel (same as the Refresh button)

F5 or Ctrl+R

Invokes copy/move/paste actions



If you’re using a Mac, use the Command key instead of the Control (Ctrl) key.