4.6 Importing Data into Hive

In the Oracle Big Data Manager console, you can import .csv files, Apache Avro files, and Apache Parquet files from HDFS into HiveServer2.

To import one of the supported files:
  1. Click Data on the console menu bar to go to the Data explorer.
  2. If it isn’t already selected, click the Explorer tab (on the left side of the page).
  3. From the storage drop-down list in one of the panels, select HDFS Storage.
    Apache Hive import might not work, depending on the access rights of the file and its parent directories. If so, you can copy or move the file to the /tmp directory and import from there.
  4. Navigate to the file you want to import, right-click it, select Import into Hive, and select how to import it: Import as CSV, Import as Apache Avro, or Import as Apache Parquet.
    When you import a .csv file, a table containing the data is shown as a preview.