The Oracle Big Data SQL User's Guide describes how to install and manage the Oracle Big Data SQL product.


This guide is intended for installers and users of Oracle Big Data SQL. including:

  • Application developers

  • Data analysts

  • Data scientists

  • Database administrators

  • System administrators

The guide assumes that the reader has sufficient background knowledge about the database server and the particular Hadoop platform which will host the software in order to follow the instructions successfully.

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Users installing Oracle Big Data SQL on Hortonworks HDP should refer to the Hortonworks documentation site at for supplementary information


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Changes in Oracle Big Data SQL 3.0.1

The following are changes in Oracle Big Data SQL Release 3.0.1.

In addition to continued support for Oracle Big Data Appliance and the Exadata Database Machine, Release 3.0.1 includes further improvements to Big Data SQL support for platforms other than Oracle Engineered Systems. These currently include Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (CDH ) running on non-Big Data Appliance commodity hardware where these Hadoop systems are used in conjunction with Oracle Database running on non-Exadata servers.

Support for Newer CDH and HDP Platforms

Oracle Big Data SQL 3.0.1 runs on Hortonworks Hadoop Data Platform (HDP) 2.3 – 2.4.x and Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (CDH) 5.5 – 5.7.

Improved Installation Automation

The installation on HDP and CDH now automatically saves the YARN resource management configuration for later restoration.

The oracle user and oinstall group setup are now managed by the installation program.

Uniform Uninstall Procedure for HDP and CDH

The uninstall procedure is now the same for both HDP and CDH systems.

Other Changes for HDP and CDH

  • The default JDK is upgraded to jdk-8u66-linux-x64

  • includes a new --jdk-tar-path parameter for specifying a JDK other than the default.

  • includes two new parameters:

    • --cell-config-dir

    • --root-script-only

  • The installation process now creates and populates cellinit.ora if the file does not exist or is empty.

Oracle Shell for Hadoop Loaders

Oracle Shell for Hadoop Loaders is a helper shell that provides a simple-to-use command line interface to Copy to Hadoop, Oracle Loader for Hadoop, and Oracle SQL Connector for HDFS.

Support for Oracle Big Data Appliance 4.5

Oracle Big Data SQL Release 3.0.1 is a mammoth installation option in Oracle Big Data Appliance 4.5. You can also enable Oracle Big Data SQL Release 3.0.1 at any time after the mammoth installation by using the bdacli utililty.


In Release 3.0.1, Oracle Big Data SQL does not yet support connections between Oracle Big Data Appliance and non-Exadata Oracle Database servers, or between non-Big Data Appliance Hadoop systems and the Exadata Database Machine.

Changes in Oracle Big Data SQL 3.0

A significant change in Oracle Big Data SQL 3.0 was the expansion of support to non-Oracle servers in addition to support for Oracle Big Data Appliance/Oracle Exadata Database Machine installations. Another feature added in this release was predicate push down.

Support for Servers Other than Oracle Engineered Systems

Prior to Release 3.0, Oracle Big Data SQL supported only Oracle Engineered Systems. Specifically, Oracle Big Data Appliance (on the Hadoop side), and Oracle Exadata Database Machine (on the database server side). As of Release 3.0, Oracle Big Data SQL also runs on the Hortonworks Hadoop Data Platform and on Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (CDH) systems other than Oracle Big Data Appliance.

Big Data SQL also now supports Oracle Database running on servers other than Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

Predicate Push Down

Big Data SQL 3.0 takes advantage of predicate off-loading support by pushing SARGable (Search ARGument ABLE) predicates from Oracle Database into supporting systems. See About Predicate Push Down