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APPENDIX A. Messages Alphabetically

This appendix contains an alphabetical list of the messages that appear earlier in this book. You can use this list to find a message number if you know the first few words of a message. For example, if you know the message begins with the words "conversion data..", you would find the message in this appendix that begins with these words, see that ORA-00404 is the message number you need, and then refer to the appropriate chapter for more information contained in the Cause and Action statements that accompany each message. See the section in Chapter 1, "Locating Messages" on page 1-2 for more general information about interpreting messages, such as message stacks.

If you cannot find the message you are looking for, it may begin with variable text. Message that begin with variable text are listed [*] under "Messages Beginning with Variable Text".

In this manual, variable text in a message is denoted by italics; for example: var, name, num, str, string, and so on. For example:

PLS-00365, FOOBAR is an OUT parameter and cannot be read

appears in this appendix as:

PLS-00365, var is an out expression and cannot be read

Messages Beginning with Variable Text

DBA-00341       name is an undefined bind variable 

DBA-00366       name name is malformed, it must be of form [[a.]b.]c@dblink

EXP-00010       name is not a valid username 

MOD-00054       name is not a valid cursor reference 

ORA-00266       name of archived log file needed 

ORA-00267       name of archived log file not needed 

ORA-00955       name is already used by an existing object 

ORA-01111       name for datafile name is unknown - rename to correct file 

ORA-02264       name already used by an existing constraint 

ORA-04062       name of name has been changed

ORA-04063       name has errors 

ORA-04090       name specifies same table, event and trigger time as name 

ORA-23368       name name cannot be null or the empty string

PLS-00124       name of exception expected for first argument in EXCEPTION_INIT pragma

PLS-00221       name is not a procedure or is undefined

PLS-00313       name not declared in this scope

PLS-00353       name must name a user in the database

PLS-00356       name must name a table to which the user has access

PLS-00365       name is an OUT parameter and cannot be read

PLS-00704       name must be declared as an exception

PLS-01456       name length cannot exceed 3.

ORA-08002       name.CURRVAL is not yet defined in this session 

EXP-00011 does not exist 

ORA-08004       name.NEXTVAL str [MIN][MAX]VALUE and cannot be instantiated 

EXP-00012       num is not a valid export mode 

ORA-00403       str (str) is not the same as other instances str 

ORA-20000       application_specific_message

ORA-23300       application_specific_message

PCC-00045       clause_name clause inappropriate at line num in file name. Ignored 

Messages in Alphabetic Order

PCC-00075       ":" expected before indicator variable 

PLS-00407       '*' not allowed here; a list of columns is required

ORA-02056       2PC: str: bad two-phase command number num from name 

ORA-02057       2PC: str: bad two-phase recovery state number num from name 

ORA-01417       a table may be outer joined to at most one other table 

ORA-01429       a date in binary format has an out of range value

ORA-01468       a predicate may reference only one outer-joined table 

ORA-01530       a database already mounted by the instance 

ORA-01531       a database already open by the instance 

ORA-01701       a cluster is not appropriate here 

ORA-01702       a view is not appropriate here 

ORA-01726       a table is not appropriate here 

ORA-01754       a table may contain only one column of type LONG 

ORA-01799       a column may not be outer-joined to a subquery 

ORA-01800       a literal in the date format was too large to process 

ORA-01858       a non-numeric character found where a digit was expected 

ORA-01859       a non-alphabetic character was found where a letter was expected 

ORA-02033       a cluster index for this cluster already exists 

ORA-02082       a loop-back database link must have a connection qualifier 

ORA-02185       a token other than WORK follows COMMIT 

ORA-03112       a server linked as single-task cannot use SQL*Net

ORA-12000       a snapshot log already exists on table name 

ORA-12006       a snapshot with the same already exists 

ORA-13014       a topology identifier outside the range of 1 to 8 was specified

ORA-23317       a communication failure has occurred

ORA-23318       a DDL failure has occurred

ORA-25112       a bitmap index may index only one column

PCC-02354       A file included with #INCLUDE cannot contain SQL statements

PCC-02395       A VARCHAR cannot be declared in file filename, which is included using        #include

PLS-00218       a variable declared NOT NULL must have an initialization assignment

PLS-00312       a positional parameter association may not follow a named association

PLS-00328       a subprogram body must be defined for the forward declaration of name

PLS-00335       a package name conflicts with an existing object

PLS-00361       a cursor variable must be IN OUT to be OPENed

PLS-00367       a RAISE statement with no exception name must be inside an exception handler

PLS-00450       a variable of this private type cannot be declared here

PLS-00507       a PL/SQL table may not contain a table or record with composite fields

PLS-00511       a record may not contain a PL/SQL table of records

PLS-00902       a read-only bind variable used in OUT or IN OUT context

PLS-01711       a SELECT statement may not contain ORDER_BY, HAVING, or GROUP_BY clause

IMP-00009       abnormal end of export file 

ORA-01708       ACCESS or SESSION expected 

ORA-09122       access to object "name" denied

ORA-13106       acknowledgment on pipe name interrupted

ORA-01548       active rollback segment "name" found, terminate dropping tablespace 

ORA-01200       actual file size of num is smaller than correct size of num blocks 

ORA-01117       adding file name with illegal block size num, limit is num 

ORA-00081       address range [num1, num2) is not readable

PLS-00205       aggregate not allowed here

PLS-00402       alias required in SELECT list of cursor to avoid duplicate column names

PLS-01422       aliases

EXP-00005       all allowable logon attempts failed 

IMP-00005       all allowable logon attempts failed 

ORA-00352       all logs for thread num need to be archived - cannot enable 

ORA-00391       all threads must switch to new log format at the same time

ORA-02025       all tables in the SQL statement must be at the remote database 

PCC-00064       All uses of a given host variable must use identical indicator variables 

ORA-03286       ALLOCATE EXTENT not valid for HASH CLUSTERS 

PCC-00011       Already in a Declare Section at line num in file name

ORA-00948       ALTER CLUSTER statement no longer supported 

ORA-01093       ALTER DATABASE CLOSE only permitted with no sessions connected 

ORA-01094       ALTER DATABASE CLOSE in progress. Connections not permitted 

ORA-01404       ALTER COLUMN will make a concatenated index too large 

ORA-01447       ALTER TABLE does not operate on clustered columns 

ORA-02204       ALTER, INDEX, REFERENCE, and EXECUTE not allowed for views 

PLS-01505       ALTER is non-ANSI

ORA-01855       AM/A.M. or PM/P.M. required 

ORA-00960       ambiguous column naming in select list

PCC-00029       Ambiguous option optnam 

ORA-01814       AM/PM conflicts with use of A.M./P.M. 

DBA-00378       an item has to be selected before help can be sought for it 

MOD-00047       an open statement already exists for cursor name

ORA-01153       an incompatible media recovery is active 

ORA-01241       an external cache has died

ORA-01705       an outer join cannot be specified on a correlation column 

ORA-03131       an invalid buffer was provided for the next piece

ORA-13007       an invalid HEX character was detected

ORA-13010       an invalid number of arguments has been specified

ORA-13012       an invalid window type was specified

PCC-02368       An EXEC TOOLS host variable context name is not type char

PCC-02369       An EXEC TOOLS host pointer variable is not a pointer

PCC-02370       An EXEC TOOLS message host variable is not type char

PLS-00210       an OTHERS clause is required in this CASE statement

PLS-00428       an INTO clause is expected in this SELECT statement

PLS-01406       an identifier has been found that is considered a keyword in ANSI's grammar   but not in PL/SQL's

ORA-00061       another instance has a different DML_LOCKS setting 

ORA-02051       another session in same transaction failed 

ORA-08008       another instance is mounted with USE_ROW_ENQUEUES = num 

MOD-00041       ANSI violation at line num, column colnam: text

MOD-00076       ANSI violation at line N. PLS-N: text 

PCC-00079       ANSI requires colon on label in WHENEVER statement 

PLS-01404       ANSI Identifiers can only consist of letters, digits, and the underscore      character

PLS-01469       ANSI standard does not permit records

PLS-01712       ANSI does not allow bind variables as INDICATORS

PLS-01714       ANSI expects a column name not a literal value here

PLS-01715       ANSI does not accept SAVEPOINTs

ORA-23302       application raised communication failure during deferred RPC

ORA-23303       application raised generic exception during deferred RPC

ORA-20000       application_specific_message

ORA-23300       application_specific_message

ORA-00473       ARCH process terminated with error

ORA-13133       archive request failed

ORA-00310       archived log contains sequence num; sequence num required 

ORA-00325       archived log for thread num, wrong thread # num in header 

ORA-00328       archived log ends at change num, need later change num 

ORA-00329       archived log begins at change num, need change num 

ORA-00330       archived log ends at change num, need change num 

ORA-00332       archived log is too small - may be incompletely archived 

ORA-00334       archived log: name 

ORA-00339       archived log does not contain any redo 

ORA-00342       archived log was created before last RESETLOGS

ORA-02166       ARCHIVELOG and NOARCHIVELOG specified 

ORA-00250       archiver not started 

ORA-00257       archiver is stuck. CONNECT INTERNAL only, until freed

ORA-01428       argument num is out of range 

ORA-23430       argument name cannot be NULL or empty string

PCC-02320       Arithmetic expression does not have correct operand types

ORA-01060       array binds or executes not allowed

ORA-01478       array bind may not include any LONG columns 

PCC-00044       Array size mismatch in INTO/USING. Minimum is: min (num:num) 

PCC-00055       Array name not allowed as bind variable at line num in file name 

PCC-00094       Array length for char[n] datatype must be => 2 

PCC-00096       Array FETCH not allowed for MODE=ANSI14 

PCC-00115       Array required here 

PLS-00418       array bind type must match PL/SQL table row type

ORA-01484       arrays can only be bound to PL/SQL statements 

PCC-00121       Arrays of VARCHAR pointers are not supported 

PCC-02312       Arrays of VARCHAR greater than two dimensions not allowed

PCC-02377       Arrays of implicit VARCHARs are not permitted

PCC-02383       Arrays of National Language variables are not permitted

PCC-02388       Arrays not allowed in FROM/WHERE clause of SELECT statement

PCC-02389       Arrays not allowed as input bind variables in SELECT list

EXP-00031       arraysize not in valid range. Using arraysize=num

ORA-04015       ascending sequences that CYCLE must specify MAX VALUE 

PLS-00359       assignment target in str must have components

ORA-01600       at most one str in clause str of GC_FILES_TO_LOCKS 

ORA-06512       at str line num 

PCC-00103       AT clause is an Oracle extension 

PLS-00105       at most one forward declaration of type name is permitted

PLS-00371       at most one declaration for name is permitted in the declaration section

ORA-01581       attempt to use rollback segment name new extent name which is being           allocated

ORA-01594       attempt to wrap into rollback segment name extent num which is being freed 

ORA-02048       attempt to begin distributed transaction without logging on 

ORA-02195       attempt to create name object in a name tablespace

ORA-03122       attempt to close Oracle-side window on user side 

PCC-02332       Attempted to redefine SQL identifier 

ORA-01675       attempting a secondary mount of a standby database

PLS-00229       attribute expression within SQL expression

ORA-12443       audit option already exists at a different label 

ORA-00443       background process name did not start 

ORA-00444       background process name failed while starting 

ORA-00445       background process name did not start after num seconds 

ORA-00446       background process started when not expected 

ORA-00449       background process name unexpectedly terminated with error num 

ORA-01077       background process initialization failure 

ORA-01906       BACKUP keyword expected 

DBA-00136       bad variable specification 

ORA-01899       bad precision specifier 

ORA-13016       bad partition definition

ORA-13018       bad distance type

ORA-23377       bad name name for missing_rows_oname1 argument

ORA-24300       bad value for mode

ORA-24305       bad bind or define context

ORA-24306       bad buffer for piece

SQL*Load-706    bad argument to ulerr num

ORA-13100       badly formed request frame

ORA-01815       BC/AD conflicts with use of B.C./A.D. 

ORA-01856       BC/B.C. or AD/A.D. required 

ORA-01642       begin backup not needed for read-only tablespace name

PLS-00214       BEGIN...END block nesting is too deep

ORA-12451       binary OS label could not be translated into string label 

ORA-01006       bind variable does not exist 

ORA-01027       bind variables not allowed for data definition operations 

ORA-01049       bind by name is not supported in streamed RPC

ORA-02039       bind by value is not allowed for array type 

PCC-00083       Bind and define variables not allowed in CREATE statement 

PLS-00110       bind variable name not allowed in this context

ORA-09117       bind-value cannot be translated into SQL text

ORA-25111       BITMAP may not be used with a cluster index

ORA-00209       block size num exceeds limit of num bytes 

ORA-00212       block size num below minimum required size of num bytes 

ORA-01162       block size num in file header does not match DB_BLOCK_SIZE num

ORA-01188       block size num in header does not match physical block size 

ORA-01498       block Check Failure - see trace file 

PCC-02335       Body of cursor must name statement identifier

PCC-02343       Body of cursor must be a query expression

ORA-00702       bootstrap version version inconsistent with version version 

ORA-00704       bootstrap process failure 

ORA-03274       both ALLOCATE EXTENT and DEALLOCATE UNUSED options are specified

ORA-03288       both FREELIST GROUP and INSTANCE parameters may not be specified 

PCC-00060       Both CURSOR and STATEMENT have AT clauses at line num of file name 

ORA-03111       break received on communication channel 

ORA-06558       buffer in DBMS_PIPE package is full. No more items allowed 

ORA-13105       buffer overflow encountered on pipe name

ORA-01718       BY ACCESS | SESSION clause not allowed for NOAUDIT 

PCC-02210       C++ punctuation sequences are not permitted

ORA-24303       call not supported in non-deferred linkage

EXP-00021       can only perform incremental export in Full Database mode 

ORA-01461       can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column 

ORA-02030       can only select from fixed tables/views 

DBA-00142       cannot recognize object type, owner or name 

DBA-00301       cannot SET INSTANCE while connected to a database 

DBA-00307       cannot open spool file name 

DBA-00309       cannot close spool file name 

DBA-00310       cannot open parameter file name 

DBA-00315       cannot open command file name 

DBA-00316       cannot start up while connected to a database 

DBA-00319       cannot locate sqldba configuration file name 

DBA-00320       cannot open sqldba configuration file name

DBA-00331       cannot allocate enough memory for SQL buffer 

DBA-00371       cannot open/locate input help file, name 

DBA-00372       cannot open/locate input index file, name 

DBA-00373       cannot allocate memory of size num from toolkit 

DBA-00388       cannot start SQL*DBA in screen mode; check if values are legal 

EXP-00035       cannot specify Rows=N and Compress=Y

IMP-00029       cannot qualify table name by owner, use FROMUSER parameter 

ORA-00027       cannot kill current session

ORA-00034       cannot COMMIT or ROLLBACK in current PL/SQL session

ORA-00069       cannot acquire lock -- table locks disabled for name

ORA-00078       cannot dump variables by name

ORA-00106       cannot startup/shutdown database when connected to a dispatcher 

ORA-00122       cannot initialize network configuration

ORA-00200       cannot create control file name 

ORA-00210       cannot open control file name 

ORA-00213       cannot reuse control file name; old file size num, num required 

ORA-00260       cannot find online log sequence num for thread num 

ORA-00308       cannot open archived log name 

ORA-00311       cannot read header from archived log 

ORA-00320       cannot read file header from log name of thread num 

ORA-00361       cannot remove last log member name group num 

ORA-00364       cannot write header to new log member 

ORA-00981       cannot mix table and system auditing options 

ORA-01011       cannot use V7 compatibility mode when talking to V6 server 

ORA-01038       cannot write datafile version num with Oracle Version num 

ORA-01046       cannot acquire space to extend context area 

ORA-01050       cannot acquire space to open context area 

ORA-01071       cannot perform operation without starting up Oracle 

ORA-01072       cannot stop Oracle; Oracle not running 

ORA-01074       cannot shut down Oracle; inside a logon session - log off first 

ORA-01081       cannot start already-running Oracle - shut it down first 

ORA-01087       cannot start up Oracle - currently logged on 

ORA-01088       cannot shut down Oracle while active processes exist 

ORA-01097       cannot shutdown while in a transaction - commit or rollback 

ORA-01099       cannot mount database in SHARED mode if started in single process mode 

ORA-01102       cannot mount database in exclusive mode 

ORA-01118       cannot add any more datafiles: limit of num exceeded 

ORA-01120       cannot remove online datafile name; database is open or mounted parallel 

ORA-01121       cannot rename datafile name - file is in use or recovery 

ORA-01123       cannot start online backup; media recovery not enabled 

ORA-01124       cannot recover online file name - file is in use or recovery

ORA-01125       cannot disable media recovery - file name has online backup set 

ORA-01128       cannot start online backup - file name is offline 

ORA-01140       cannot end online backup - all files are offline 

ORA-01142       cannot end online backup - none of the files are in backup 

ORA-01143       cannot disable media recovery - file name needs media recovery

ORA-01146       cannot start online backup - file name is already in backup 

ORA-01149       cannot shutdown - file name has online backup set 

ORA-01150       cannot prevent writes - file name has online backup set 

ORA-01157       cannot identify datafile name - file not found 

ORA-01180       cannot create datafile 1 

ORA-01182       cannot create datafile name - file is in use or recovery 

ORA-01183       cannot mount database in SHARED mode 

ORA-01187       cannot read from file name because it failed verification tests 

ORA-01230       cannot make read only - file name is offline

ORA-01231       cannot make read write - file name is offline

ORA-01232       cannot start online backup - file name is read only

ORA-01407       cannot update mandatory NOT NULL column to NULL 

ORA-01411       cannot store the length of column in the indicator 

ORA-01437       cannot have join with CONNECT BY 

ORA-01445       cannot select ROWID from a join view without a key-preserved table

ORA-01446       cannot select ROWID from view with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, etc. 

ORA-01452       cannot CREATE UNIQUE INDEX; duplicate keys found 

ORA-01454       cannot convert column into numeric datatype 

ORA-01462       cannot insert string literals longer than 2000 characters 

ORA-01463       cannot modify column datatype with current constraints 

ORA-01471       cannot create a synonym with the same name as object 

ORA-01472       cannot use CONNECT BY on view with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, etc. 

ORA-01473       cannot have subqueries in CONNECT BY clause 

ORA-01474       cannot have START WITH or PRIOR without CONNECT BY 

ORA-01508       cannot create database; error in file name at line num 

ORA-01523       cannot rename datafile to name - file already part of database 

ORA-01524       cannot create datafile as name - file already part of database 

ORA-01532       cannot create database; instance being started elsewhere 

ORA-01533       cannot rename file name; file does not belong to tablespace 

ORA-01537       cannot add datafile name - file already part of database 

ORA-01544       cannot drop system rollback segment 

ORA-01550       cannot drop system tablespace 

ORA-01552       cannot use system rollback segment for non-system tablespace "name" 

ORA-01568       cannot set space quota on PUBLIC 

ORA-01577       cannot add log file name - file already part of database 

ORA-01596       cannot specify system in name parameter

ORA-01597       cannot alter system rollback segment online or offline 

ORA-01608       cannot bring rollback segment "name" online, its status is status 

ORA-01617       cannot mount: num is not a valid thread number 

ORA-01621       cannot rename member of current log if database is open 

ORA-01640       cannot make tablespace read-only with active transactions

ORA-01712       cannot grant a privilege grantor does not have 

ORA-01752       cannot delete from view without exactly one key-preserved table

ORA-01776       cannot modify more than one base table through a join view

ORA-01779       cannot modify a column which maps to a non-key-preserved table

ORA-01926       cannot grant WITH GRANT OPTION to a role 

ORA-01931       cannot grant UNLIMITED TABLESPACE, REFERENCES, or INDEX to a role 

ORA-01933       cannot create a stored object using privileges from a role 

ORA-01936       cannot specify owner when creating users or roles 

ORA-01940       cannot DROP a user that is currently logged in 

ORA-01985       cannot create user as LICENSE_MAX_USERS parameter exceeded 

ORA-02014       cannot select FOR UPDATE from view with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, etc. 

ORA-02015       cannot select FOR UPDATE from remote table 

ORA-02016       cannot use a subquery in a START WITH on a remote database 

ORA-02047       cannot join the distributed transaction in progress 

ORA-02074       cannot COMMIT or ROLLBACK in a distributed transaction 

ORA-02265       cannot derive the datatype of the referencing column 

ORA-02283       cannot alter starting sequence number 

ORA-02293       cannot enable name - check constraint violated

ORA-02294       cannot add referential constraint - parent keys not found 

ORA-02296       cannot enable name - null values found

ORA-02297       cannot disable constraint - dependencies exist 

ORA-02298       cannot enable name - parent keys not found

ORA-02299       cannot enable name - duplicate keys found

ORA-02381       cannot drop PUBLIC_DEFAULT profile 

ORA-02401       cannot EXPLAIN view owned by another user 

ORA-02429       cannot drop index used for enforcement of unique/primary key 

ORA-02430       cannot enable constraint name - no such constraint 

ORA-02431       cannot disable constraint name - no such constraint 

ORA-02432       cannot enable primary key - primary key not defined for table 

ORA-02433       cannot disable primary key - primary key not defined for table 

ORA-02434       cannot enable unique(str) - unique key not defined for table 

ORA-02435       cannot disable unique str - unique key not defined for table 

ORA-02437       cannot enable name - primary key violated

ORA-02441       cannot drop non-existent primary key 

ORA-02442       cannot drop non-existent unique key 

ORA-02443       cannot drop constraint - non-existent constraint 

ORA-02444       cannot resolve referenced object in referential constraints 

ORA-02476       cannot create index due to parallel direct load on table

ORA-02477       cannot perform parallel direct load on object "name"

ORA-02495       cannot resize file name, tablespace name is read only

ORA-03296       cannot resize datafile - file name not found

ORA-03298       cannot shrink datafile - file name is under hot backup

ORA-03299       cannot create dictionary table name

ORA-04028       cannot generate diana for object name

ORA-04084       cannot change trigger NEW values in after row triggers 

ORA-04085       cannot change the value of an OLD reference variable 

ORA-04087       cannot change the value of ROWID reference variable 

ORA-04089       cannot create triggers on objects owned by SYS 

ORA-04092       cannot COMMIT or ROLLBACK in a trigger 

ORA-06565       cannot execute name from within stored procedure

ORA-08176       cannot continue consistent read for the table/index - no undo records 

ORA-08177       cannot serialize access for this transaction

ORA-12001       cannot create log: table name already has a trigger 

ORA-12010       cannot create snapshot log on table owned by SYS 

ORA-12324       cannot use the ROM: link type on a private database link 

ORA-12351       cannot create view using a remote object which has a remote object reference 

ORA-12407       cannot insert or update the ROWLABEL column of a view 

ORA-12412       cannot raise DBLOW above num

ORA-12413       cannot lower DBHIGH below num

ORA-12437       cannot write down to a database at a lower label 

ORA-12439       cannot modify ROWLABEL column 

ORA-12475       cannot log in below DBLOW name 

ORA-12476       cannot log in above DBHIGH name 

ORA-12478       cannot insert label above DBHIGH name 

ORA-12485       cannot find file label for name 

ORA-12490       cannot connect at session label below user definition name 

ORA-12491       cannot change MAC mode when mounted in READ_COMPATIBLE mode 

ORA-12494       cannot mount secondary database labeled above DBLOW 

ORA-12808       cannot set [CACHE | SCAN]_INSTANCES greater than number of  instances num

ORA-12809       cannot set [CACHE | SCAN]_INSTANCES when mounted in exclusive mode

ORA-23348       cannot replicate procedure name; only IN parameters supported

ORA-23349       cannot generate replication support for functions

PCC-01015       Cannot equivalence PIC N variable name

PCC-02301       Cannot open input file for reading 

PCC-02302       Cannot open code generation output file

PCC-02303       Cannot open include file 

PCC-02311       Cannot have VARCHAR bit fields 

PCC-02314       Cannot evaluate constant SIZEOF expression

PCC-02315       Cannot evaluate expression as a constant.

PCC-02337       Cannot declare multi-dimensioned array for this type 

PCC-02350       Cannot equivalence this SQL type 

PCC-02379       Cannot equivalence National Language character variables

PCC-02381       Cannot use National Language character variables inside PL/SQL

PLS-00304       cannot compile body of name without its specification

PLS-00420       cannot call built-in routines remotely

PLS-01460       cannot access object on a remote host

SQL*Load-254    cannot have DISCARDFILE specs here when multiple datafiles 

ORA-02007       can't use ALLOCATE or DEALLOCATE options with REBUILD

PLS-00900       can't find body of unit name

ORA-01491       CASCADE option not valid 

ORA-01922       CASCADE must be specified to drop name 

ORA-01923       CASCADE aborted, objects locked by another user 

ORA-01981       CASCADE CONSTRAINTS must be specified to perform this revoke 

PLS-00211       CASE labels or ranges must not be duplicated in different WHEN clauses

PLS-00379       CASE statements are not included in this release of PL/SQL

ORA-00276       CHANGE keyword specified but no change given 

ORA-00279       change num generated at name needed for thread num 

ORA-00280       change num for thread num is in sequence #num 

ORA-00355       change numbers out of order 

IMP-00037       character set marker unknown

IMP-00042       CHARSET used, but the export file has specific character set

ORA-02252       check constraint condition not properly ended 

ORA-02290       check constraint violated 

ORA-13122       child partition name not found

ORA-01464       circular grant (granting to grant ancestor) of table or view 

ORA-01731       circular view definition encountered 

ORA-01934       circular role grant detected 

PCC-00045       clause_name clause inappropriate at line num in file name. Ignored 

ORA-00601       cleanup lock conflict 

ORA-01987       client O/S user name is too long 

ORA-02041       client database did not begin a transaction 

ORA-03125       client-server protocol violation

ORA-08441       closed parenthesis missing in picture mask

ORA-00943       cluster does not exist 

ORA-00951       cluster not empty 

ORA-01770       CLUSTER option not allowed in CREATE CLUSTER command 

ORA-02464       cluster definition cannot be both HASH and INDEX 

ORA-03293       cluster to be truncated is a HASH CLUSTER 

ORA-02032       clustered tables cannot be used before the cluster index is built 

PCC-02035       CMD-LINE:  CONFIG= option is invalid in a config file 

PCC-02040       CMD-LINE:  Option selected, but no value provided 

PCC-02041       CMD-LINE:  Option does not exist: 

PCC-02043       CMD-LINE:  Option syntax is incorrect 

PCC-02044       CMD-LINE:  Illegal or out of range value for option: option string

PCC-02045       CMD-LINE:  Option is not unique: option name

PCC-02046       CMD-LINE:  Unable to open config file: filename

PCC-02047       CMD-LINE:  Option is not allowed inline: option string

PCC-02066       CMD-LINE:  Could not find or could not open system config file 

PCC-02129       CMD-LINE:  Client supplied static options table is invalid 

PCC-02132       CMD-LINE:  Could not allocate memory 

PCC-02133       CMD-LINE:  Error processing string function

PCC-02134       CMD-LINE:  Null option supplied

PCC-02135       CMD-LINE:  User asked for help 

PCC-02138       CMD-LINE:  Internal consistency error

PCC-02144       CMD-LINE:  Blank characters are not allowed on either side of an equal  sign   (=)

SQL-02115       Code interpretation problem -- check COMMON_NAME usage

PCC-00077       Colon usage with numeric label in WHENEVER statement is not ANSI 

ORA-00918       column ambiguously defined 

ORA-00965       column aliases not allowed for "*"

ORA-00984       column not allowed here 

ORA-01018       column does not have a LONG datatype 

ORA-01430       column being added already exists in table 

ORA-01439       column to be modified must be empty to change datatype 

ORA-01440       column to be modified must be empty to decrease precision or scale 

ORA-01441       column to be modified must be empty to decrease column length 

ORA-01442       column to be modified to NOT NULL is already NOT NULL 

ORA-01449       column contains NULL values; cannot alter to NOT NULL 

ORA-01451       column to be modified to NULL cannot be modified to NULL 

ORA-01753       column definition incompatible with clustered column definition 

ORA-02267       column type incompatible with referenced column type 

ORA-02360       column not found before end of logical record (use TRAILING NULLCOLS) 

ORA-02438       column check constraint cannot reference other columns 

ORA-02467       column referenced in hash expression not present in cluster 

ORA-04073       column list not valid for this trigger type 

ORA-13123       column name is already defined

ORA-23330       column group name already exists

ORA-23331       column group name does not exist

ORA-23333       column name is already part of a column group

ORA-23334       column name does nor exist in table or column group

ORA-23371       column name unknown in table name

PLS-00358       column name exists in more than one table; use qualifier

SQL*Load-404    column name present more than once in table name 

SQL*Load-622    column not found before end of logical record (use TRAILING NULLCOLS) 

SQL*Load-923    column name in table name is NOT NULL but is not being loaded 

SQL*Load-928    column does not exist 

DBA-00305       command size exceeds internal buffer size num 

DBA-00327       command not available in this mode 

ORA-00070       command name is not valid

ORA-00073       command name takes between num1 and num2 argument(s)

ORA-01953       command no longer valid, see ALTER USER 

PCC-00128       Command line processor severe error

PCC-00133       Command line option MODE=ANSI required with option NLS_LOCAL=YES

PCC-02366       Command line argument MODE=ANSI may not be used with DBMS=V6 

ORA-01742       comment not terminated properly

PLS-01403       Comment delimiters /* */

ORA-02089       COMMIT is not allowed in a subordinate session 

PCC-00124       COMMON_NAME option must be before PROGRAM or subroutine beginning 

ORA-03100       communication area cannot be allocated; insufficient memory 

SQL*Load-457    comparison text str of CONTINUEIF LAST must have length 1 not num 

SQL*Load-458    comparison text of CONTINUEIF LAST must be non-whitespace 

ORA-00405       compatibility type name 

ORA-00406       COMPATIBLE parameter needs to be num or greater

PLS-00906       compilation is not possible

ORA-01485       compile bind length different from execute bind length 

PLS-00302       component name must be declared

ORA-03203       concurrent update activity makes space analysis impossible

ORA-02147       conflicting SHARED/EXCLUSIVE options 

ORA-01436       CONNECT BY loop in user data 

ORA-01788       CONNECT BY clause required in this query block 

SQL-02125       Connect error, can't get error text

PLS-01425       connect-by clause

ORA-00115       connection refused; dispatcher connection table is full 

ORA-02019       connection description for remote database not found 

ORA-03128       connection is in blocking mode

ORA-23378       connection qualifier name is not valid for object group name

ORA-23379       connection qualifier name is too long

ORA-02468       constant or system variable wrongly specified in expression 

ORA-02272       constrained column cannot be of LONG datatype 

ORA-02253       constraint specification not allowed here 

ORA-23344       constraint does not exist

PLS-01502       constraint name and constraint status are non-ANSI.

ORA-01911       CONTENTS keyword expected 

SQL-02123       Context referenced in EXEC TOOLS GET CONTEXT statement not found

ORA-00201       control file version num incompatible with Oracle version num 

ORA-00202       control file: name 

ORA-00207       control files are not for the same database 

ORA-00211       control file name does not match previous control files 

ORA-00214       control file name version num inconsistent with file name version num 

ORA-00217       control file name physical block size num inconsistent with num 

ORA-00218       control file name was created with block size num now is num

ORA-00220       control file name not mounted by first instance 

ORA-00222       control file may not be queried using dispatcher 

ORA-00293       control file out of sync with redo log

ORA-01190       control file or datafile name is from before the last RESETLOGS 

SQL*Load-267    control file must be first datafile 

SQL*Load-516    control file name has no contents 

ORA-01665       controlfile is not a standby controlfile

ORA-01666       controlfile is for a standby database

ORA-01671       controlfile is a backup, cannot make a standby controlfile

ORA-01672       controlfile may be missing files or have extra ones

ORA-00223       conversion datafile is invalid or incorrect version 

ORA-00404       conversion data file not found: name 

ORA-02354       conversion initialization error occurred on field name 

ORA-02355       conversion error occurred on CONSTANT field str 

ORA-01455       converting column overflows integer datatype 

ORA-01457       converting column overflows decimal datatype 

ORA-02178       correct syntax is: SET TRANSACTION READ { ONLY | WRITE } 

ORA-02191       correct syntax is:  SET TRANSACTION USE ROLLBACK SEGMENT name 

ORA-00354       corrupt redo log block header 

DBA-00374       could not set file position in name directly 

DBA-00384       could not open SQL*DBA resource file, name 

DBA-00385       could not locate SQL*DBA resource file, name 

DBA-00386       could not open toolkit resource file, name 

DBA-00387       could not locate toolkit resource file, name 

EXP-00033       could not find environment character set

IMP-00036       could not find environment character set

IMP-00038       could not find environment character set handle

LCC-00201       could not open specified filename name 

MOD-00068       could not find or open system configuration file

ORA-02428       could not add foreign key reference 

ORA-12806       could not get background process to hold enqueue

ORA-13138       could not determine name of object name

ORA-13139       could not obtain column definition for name

ORA-13146       could not find table substitution variable name

ORA-23409       could not find an unused refresh group number

PCC-00126       Could not find or open system configuration file

PLS-00212       could not obtain enough memory to compile CASE statement

SQL*Load-259    could not escalate DDL share lock to exclusive on table name 

SQL*Load-932    could not truncate table name

ORA-01048       couldn't find the specified procedure in the given context

ORA-01501       CREATE DATABASE failed 

ORA-01503       CREATE CONTROLFILE failed 

ORA-01518       CREATE DATABASE must specify more than one log file 

ORA-02425       create table failed 

ORA-02427       create view failed 

ORA-02440       create as select with referential constraints not allowed 

ORA-02446       CREATE TABLE ... AS SELECT failed - check constraint violated

ORA-12701       CREATE DATABASE character set is not known 


PLS-01506       CREATE INDEX is non-ANSI

ORA-00033       current session has empty migration password

ORA-00085       current call does not exist

ORA-00152       current session does not match requested session 

ORA-00262       current log name of closed thread num cannot switch

ORA-00323       current log of thread num not usable and all others need archiving 

ORA-00369       current log of thread num not useable and other log being cleared

ORA-01075       currently logged on 

MOD-00042       cursor name is multiply declared 

MOD-00046       cursor name has not been declared 

MOD-00048       cursor name was never opened

ORA-01023       cursor context not found (invalid cursor number) 

PCC-00073       Cursor is declared but never OPENed at line num in file name 

PLS-00324       cursor attribute may not be applied to non-cursor name

PLS-00360       cursor declaration without body needs return type

PLS-00404       cursor name must be declared with FOR UPDATE to use with CURRENT OF

PLS-00426       cursor variable OUT parameter 'name' cannot be FETCH'ed or CLOSE'd

PLS-00993       cursor variables cannot be passed as RPC arguments or results

PLS-00994       cursor variables cannot be declared as part of a package

PLS-01703       cursor name in CLOSE statement must be of length 1

DBA-00311       data size exceeds internal buffer size 

EXP-00001       data field truncation - column length=num, buffer size=num fetched=num 

ORA-01173       data dictionary indicates missing datafile from system tablespace 

ORA-01175       data dictionary has more than the num files allowed by the instance 

ORA-01176       data dictionary has more than the num files allowed by the control file 

ORA-01242       data file suffered media failure: database in NOARCHIVELOG

ORA-01732       data manipulation operation not legal on this view 

ORA-09111       data manipulation operation not legal on this object

PCC-01012       DATA DIVISION not found

ORA-00402       database changes by release num cannot be used by release num 

ORA-01022       database operation not supported in this configuration

ORA-01100       database already mounted 

ORA-01101       database being created currently mounted by some other instance 

ORA-01103       database name name in control file is not name 

ORA-01106       database must be closed before dismounting 

ORA-01107       database must be mounted for media recovery 

ORA-01109       database not open 

ORA-01126       database must be mounted exclusive and not open for this operation 

ORA-01127       database name name exceeds size limit of num characters 

ORA-01134       database mounted exclusive by another instance 

ORA-01138       database must either be open in this instance or not at all 

ORA-01148       database must be mounted EXCLUSIVE for this operation 

ORA-01154       database busy. Open, Close, mount, and dismount not allowed now 

ORA-01158       database name already mounted 

ORA-01161       database name name in file header does not match given name of name 

ORA-01219       database not open: queries allowed on fixed tables/views only 

ORA-01239       database must be in ARCHIVELOG mode to use external cache

ORA-01504       database name name does not match parameter DB_NAME str 

ORA-01507       database not mounted 

ORA-01639       database cannot be mounted parallel with no lock processes 

ORA-01679       database must be mounted EXCLUSIVE and not open to activate

ORA-01729       database link name expected 

ORA-02018       database link of same name has an open connection 

ORA-02024       database link not found 

ORA-02070       database "name" does not support capability name in this context 

ORA-02080       database link is in use 

ORA-02081       database link is not open 

ORA-02083       database name has illegal character str 

ORA-02084       database name is missing a component

ORA-02085       database link name connects to name 

ORA-02086       database link name is too long 

ORA-04054       database link name does not exist 

ORA-12315       database link type is invalid for the ALTER DATABASE statement 

ORA-12318       database (link name name) is already mounted 

ORA-12319       database (link name name) is already open 

ORA-12321       database (link name name) is not open and AUTO_MOUNTING=FALSE 

ORA-12326       database name is closing immediately; no operations are permitted 

ORA-12329       database name is closed; no operations are permitted 

ORA-12333       database (link name name) is not mounted 

ORA-12334       database (link name name) is still open 

ORA-12335       database (link name name) is not open 

ORA-12350       database link being dropped is still mounted 

ORA-12440       database has not been mounted in read-compatible mode 

ORA-23314       database is not a snapshot site for name

SQL*Load-903    database must be at least version num for direct path 

ORA-01110       datafile name: str 

ORA-01122       datafile name - failed verification check 

ORA-01130       datafile version num incompatible with Oracle Version num 

ORA-01137       datafile name is still in the middle of going offline 

ORA-01169       datafile number 1 not found. Must be present 

ORA-01171       datafile str is going offline due to error advancing checkpoint 

ORA-01177       datafile does not match dictionary - probably old incarnation 

ORA-01208       datafile is an old version - not accessing current version 

ORA-01209       datafile is from before the last RESETLOGS 

ORA-01210       datafile header is media corrupt 

ORA-01221       datafile name is not the same file to a background process 

ORA-01229       datafile name is inconsistent with logs 

ORA-01569       datafile too small for system dictionary tables 

ORA-01673       datafile name has not been identified

ORA-01674       datafile name is an old incarnation rather than current file

ORA-01904       DATAFILE keyword expected 

ORA-02164       DATAFILE clause specified more than once 

EXP-00018       datatype (num) for column name, table is not supported 

MOD-00095       Datatype "X" is not valid for the host language

ORA-23347       datatype name for column name table name not supported

ORA-24304       datatype not allowed for this call

PCC-00112       Datatype not supported by ANSI 

ORA-00975       date + date not allowed 

ORA-01801       date format is too long for internal buffer 

ORA-01821       date format not recognized 

ORA-01830       date format picture ends before converting entire input string 

ORA-01839       date not valid for month specified 

ORA-02436       date or system variable wrongly specified in CHECK constraint 

ORA-01817       day of week may only be specified once 

ORA-01832       day of year conflicts with Julian date 

ORA-01834       day of month conflicts with Julian date 

ORA-01835       day of week conflicts with Julian date 

ORA-01847       day of month must be between 1 and last day of month 

ORA-01848       day of year must be between 1 and 365 (366 for leap year) 

SQL*Load-253    DB2 partition number has no significance -- ignored 

ORA-00058       DB_BLOCK_SIZE must be num to mount this database not num 

ORA-01131       DB_FILES files initialization parameter value num exceeds limit of num 

ORA-01174       DB_FILES is num but needs to be num to be compatible 

ORA-12401       DBHIGH is not a valid operating system label

ORA-12410       DBHIGH cannot be null in DBMS MAC mode 

ORA-12411       DBHIGH must dominate DBLOW 

ORA-12400       DBLOW is not a valid operating system label

ORA-12409       DBLOW cannot be null in DBMS MAC mode 

ORA-00471       DBWR process terminated with error

ORA-00056       DDL lock on object "" already held in an incompatible mode 

ORA-02021       DDL operations are not allowed on a remote database 

ORA-04097       DDL conflict while trying to drop or alter a trigger

ORA-00060       deadlock detected while waiting for resource 

ORA-00104       deadlock detected; all public servers blocked waiting for resource 

ORA-04020       deadlock detected while trying to lock object name 

PLS-00322       declaration of a constant name must contain an initialization assignment

PLS-00341       declaration of cursor name is incomplete or malformed

PLS-00108       declarative units must be a single variable declaration

ORA-01004       default username feature not supported; logon denied 

ORA-01945       DEFAULT ROLE[S] already specified 

ORA-01946       DEFAULT TABLESPACE already specified 

ORA-01954       DEFAULT ROLE clause not valid for CREATE USER 

ORA-02254       DEFAULT <expression> not allowed here 

ORA-02276       default value type incompatible with column type 

ORA-12823       default degree of parallelism may not be specified here

ORA-01051       deferred RPC buffer format invalid

ORA-23353       deferred RPC queue has entries for object group name

ORA-23354       deferred RPC execution disabled for name

ORA-02038       define is not allowed for array type 

ORA-09107       definition of a target system object may have changed

ORA-09116       definition of target system data object is inconsistent

ORA-04014       descending sequences that CYCLE must specify MIN VALUE 

ORA-01042       detaching a session with open cursors not allowed 

ORA-12404       device low name must be dominated by DBLOW name 

ORA-12405       device high name must dominate DBHIGH name 

EXP-00007       dictionary shows no columns for 

EXP-00025       dictionary shows no column for constraint name.num 

ORA-01766       dictionary table not allowed in this context 

PCC-02012       Did not find a matching quote for CHAR constant

PLS-00399       different types of columns in UNION, INTERSECT, or MINUS expression

PLS-00400       different number of columns between cursor SELECT statement and return value

PLS-00401       different column types between cursor SELECT statement and return value       found at name

ORA-13000       dimension number is out of range

ORA-13001       dimensions mismatch error 

ORA-02352       direct path connection must be homogeneous

ORA-08175       discrete transaction restriction violated name

ORA-00105       dispatching mechanism not configured to support network protocol 

ORA-00120       dispatching mechanism not enabled or installed 

PCC-00076       DISPLAY type must be SIGN LEADING SEPARATE 

ORA-02046       distributed transaction already begun 

ORA-02055       distributed update operation failed; rollback required 

ORA-02062       distributed recovery received DBID num, expected num 

ORA-02088       distributed database option not installed 

ORA-01476       divisor is equal to zero 

ORA-00062       DML full-table lock cannot be acquired; DML_LOCKS is 0 

ORA-01095       DML statement processed zero rows 

ORA-01761       DML operation does not map to a unique table in the join

ORA-25113       DML operations for BITMAP indexes not implemented

PLS-01507       DROP is non-ANSI

ORA-01567       dropping log name would leave less than two log files in thread num 

ORA-00076       dump name not found

ORA-00077       dump name is not valid

ORA-01774       dump undo option specified more than once

ORA-00150       duplicate transaction ID 

ORA-00957       duplicate column name 

ORA-00977       duplicate auditing option 

ORA-01700       duplicate username in list 

ORA-01711       duplicate privilege listed 

ORA-01769       duplicate CLUSTER option specifications 

ORA-02011       duplicate database link name 

ORA-02206       duplicate INITRANS option specification 

ORA-02208       duplicate MAXTRANS option specification 

ORA-02212       duplicate PCTFREE option specification 

ORA-02213       duplicate PCTUSED option specification 

ORA-02214       duplicate BACKUP option specification 

ORA-02215       duplicate tablespace name clause 

ORA-02217       duplicate storage option specification 

ORA-02228       duplicate SIZE specification 

ORA-02258       duplicate or conflicting NULL and/or NOT NULL specifications 

ORA-02259       duplicate UNIQUE/PRIMARY KEY specifications 

ORA-02274       duplicate referential constraint specifications 

ORA-02278       duplicate or conflicting MAXVALUE/NOMAXVALUE specifications 

ORA-02279       duplicate or conflicting MINVALUE/NOMINVALUE specifications 

ORA-02280       duplicate or conflicting CYCLE/NOCYCLE specifications 

ORA-02281       duplicate or conflicting CACHE/NOCACHE specifications 

ORA-02282       duplicate or conflicting ORDER/NOORDER specifications 

ORA-02284       duplicate INCREMENT BY specifications 

ORA-02285       duplicate START WITH specifications 

ORA-02378       duplicate resource name name 

ORA-02451       duplicate HASHKEYS specification 

ORA-02453       duplicate HASH IS specification 

ORA-02462       duplicate INDEX option specified 

ORA-02463       duplicate HASH IS option specified 

ORA-03275       duplicate DEALLOCATE option specification

ORA-03276       duplicate ALLOCATE EXTENT option specification 

ORA-03278       duplicate option specified for ALLOCATE EXTENT 

ORA-12822       duplicate option in PARALLEL clause

ORA-13135       duplicate offline path

ORA-23339       duplicate conflict resolution information

ORA-23352       duplicate destination for deferred transaction

ORA-25101       duplicate REBUILD option specification

ORA-25107       duplicate TABLESPACE option specification

PLS-00116       duplicate WHERE clause in table expression

PLS-00117       duplicate CONNECT BY clause in table expression

PLS-00118       duplicate GROUP BY clause in table expression

PLS-00119       duplicate HAVING clause in table expression

PLS-00408       duplicate column name not permitted in INSERT or UPDATE

PLS-00409       duplicate variable name in INTO list is not permitted

PLS-00410       duplicate fields in record or table are not permitted

ORA-00483       during shutdown a process abnormally terminated 

PCC-00109       Dynamic SQL and PL/SQL are Oracle extensions to ANSI SQL 

PLS-00104       empty argument list in call of procedure name must be omitted

ORA-01215       enabled thread num is missing after CREATE CONTROLFILE 

MOD-00012       encountered the symbol name when expecting one of the following...

PLS-00113       END identifier name1 must match name2 at line num, column num

SQL*Load-401    end field position num must be greater than or equal to start num 

ORA-03113       end-of-file on communication channel 

PLS-00111       end-of-file in comment

PLS-00112       end-of-line in quoted identifier

PCC-00123       Entire VARCHAR declaration must be on same line 

ORA-01528       EOF while processing SQL statement 

DBA-00361       error during describe

DBA-00381       error in the SERVER OUTPUT option 

EXP-00002       error in writing to export file 

EXP-00014       error on row num of table name 

EXP-00015       error on row num of table name, column name, datatype num 

EXP-00034       error on rowid: file# num block# num slot# num

LCC-00218       error in file name 

MOD-00075       error at line N. PLS-N:  text (null)

MOD-00080       error extracting stored package source.

MOD-00086       error: couldn't install username. Aborted...

ORA-00204       error in reading control file name block num, # blocks num 

ORA-00205       error in identifying control file name 

ORA-00206       error in writing control file name block num, # blocks num 

ORA-00221       error on write to control file 

ORA-00254       error in archive control string archive_log_location

ORA-00255       error archiving log name of thread num, sequence # num 

ORA-00256       error occurred in translating archive text string str 

ORA-00270       error creating archive log 

ORA-00272       error writing archive log 

ORA-00301       error in adding log file name - file cannot be created 

ORA-00604       error occurred at recursive SQL level num 

ORA-00816       error message translation failed 

ORA-01080       error in shutting down Oracle 

ORA-01116       error in opening datafile name 

ORA-01119       error in creating datafile name 

ORA-01141       error renaming datafile name - new file name not found 

ORA-01423       error encountered while checking for extra rows in exact fetch 

ORA-01505       error in adding log files 

ORA-01510       error in deleting log files 

ORA-01511       error in renaming log/datafiles 

ORA-01512       error renaming log file name - new file name not found 

ORA-01514       error in log specification; no such log 

ORA-01515       error dropping log group num: no such log 

ORA-01519       error while processing file name near line num 

ORA-01521       error in adding datafiles 

ORA-01525       error in renaming datafiles 

ORA-01526       error in opening file name 

ORA-01527       error while reading file 

ORA-01529       error closing file name 

ORA-01565       error in identifying file name 

ORA-01580       error creating control backup file name 

ORA-01585       error identifying backup file name 

ORA-01587       error during control file backup file copy 

ORA-01592       error converting Version 6 rollback segment "num" to Oracle7 format

ORA-01595       error freeing extent num of rollback segment name 

ORA-01714       error in execution of user function 

ORA-01980       error during OS ROLE initialization 

ORA-01990       error opening password file name

ORA-01992       error closing password file name

ORA-01993       error writing password file name

ORA-01995       error reading password file name

ORA-02002       error while writing to audit trail 

ORA-02071       error initializing capabilities for remote database name 

ORA-02098       error parsing index-table reference (:I)

ORA-02373       Error parsing insert statement for table name

ORA-02473       error while evaluating the cluster's hash expressions 

ORA-02479       error while translating file name for parallel load

ORA-02486       error in file name. Check trace_dest init.ora parm

ORA-02487       error in writing file name name. Check trace_dest init.ora parm

ORA-04029       error ORA-num occurred when querying name 

ORA-04052       error occurred when looking up remote object name 

ORA-04053       error occurred when validating remote object name 

ORA-04088       error during execution of trigger 

ORA-08412       error encountered in WMSGBSIZ, size for WMSGBLK is not big enough for         warning message

ORA-08414       error encountered in name

ORA-08467       error converting Oracle number to num

ORA-12008       error in snapshot refresh path 

ORA-12012       error on auto execute of job num

ORA-12801       error signaled in parallel query server name

ORA-21000       error number argument to RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR of name is out of range,     must be between -20000 and -20999, inclusive 

ORA-23324       error num, while creating DEFERROR entry at name with error num

PCC-00061       Error at line num, column name. PLS-nnnnn 

PCC-00085       Error writing to file name 

SQL*Load-114    error in OPTIONS statement 

SQL*Load-116    error prompting for password 

SQL*Load-503    error appending extension to file name 

SQL*Load-504    error skipping records in file name

SQL*Load-514    error getting elapsed time 

SQL*Load-515    error getting CPU time 

SQL*Load-517    error decomposing filename name

SQL*Load-518    error reassembling filename name 

SQL*Load-519    error num writing to filename name 

SQL*Load-604    error occurred on an attempt to commit 

SQL*Load-901    error logging on to Oracle 

SQL*Load-902    error opening cursor: num 

SQL*Load-905    error parsing SQL statement for upi: num

SQL*Load-906    error executing SQL statement for upi: num 

SQL*Load-907    error parsing insert statement on table name

SQL*Load-910    error binding input variables of upi: num 

SQL*Load-911    error defining output variables for upi: num

SQL*Load-913    error fetching results of select statement (upi): num

SQL*Load-914    error locking table name in exclusive mode 

SQL*Load-915    error closing cursor: num

SQL*Load-916    error checking path homogeneity 

SQL*Load-917    error parsing insert statement on table name 

SQL*Load-919    error during upi fetch: num

SQL*Load-920    error deleting data from table name (due to REPLACE keyword) 

SQL*Load-925    Error while str

SQL*Load-929    error parsing insert statement for table name

SQL*Load-930    error parsing insert statement for column name 

SQL*Load-935    error verifying required option for parallel load

SQL*Load-950    error shipping data structures across 2-task 

SQL*Load-951    error calling once/load initialization 

SQL*Load-952    error calling once/datafile initialization 

SQL*Load-953    error shipping read buffer across 2-task 

SQL*Load-954    error shipping index to read buffer across 2-task 

SQL*Load-955    error calling col array build, block formatter 

SQL*Load-956    error calling once/datafile finishing 

SQL*Load-957    error shipping text string across 2-task 

SQL*Load-958    error popping data relocation address stack 

SQL*Load-959    error shipping buffer across 2-task 

SQL*Load-960    error escalating DDL share lock to exclusive 

SQL*Load-961    error calling once/load finishing 

SQL*Load-962    error setting user-side Ctrl-C handler 

SQL*Load-963    error clearing user-side Ctrl-C handler 

SQL*Load-964    error logging off Oracle 

SQL*Load-965    error num disabling constraint name of table name 

SQL*Load-966    error num disabling all triggers on table name 

SQL*Load-968    error disconnecting from Oracle

SQL*Load-969    error performing filename translation on kernel side

ORA-04045       errors during recompilation/revalidation of 

ORA-01425       escape character must be character string of length 1 

ORA-02194       event specification syntax error num minor error num near name 

ORA-01903       EVENTS keyword expected 

ORA-01422       exact fetch returns more than requested number of rows 

ORA-02390       exceeded COMPOSITE_LIMIT, logoff in progress 

ORA-02391       exceeded simultaneous SESSIONS_PER_USER limit

ORA-02392       exceeded session limit on CPU usage, logging off 

ORA-02393       exceeded call limit on CPU usage 

ORA-02394       exceeded session limit on I/O usage, logging off 

ORA-02395       exceeded call limit on I/O usage 

ORA-02396       exceeded max Idle Time, please connect again 

ORA-02397       exceeded PRIVATE_SGA Limit, logging off 

ORA-02398       exceeded procedure space usage 

ORA-02399       exceeded maximum connect time, logging off 

PLS-00483       exception name may appear in at most one exception handler in this block

PLS-00705       exception name used in expression requiring return type

PLS-00706       exception name cannot be used as prefix of a selected component

ORA-02445       exceptions table not found 

ORA-01913       EXCLUSIVE keyword expected 

ORA-02148       EXCLUSIVE specified multiple times 

PCC-00087       EXEC SQL TYPE statement not allowed for this host language 

PCC-01006       EXEC statement cannot begin in Area A at line num in file name 

PCC-02204       EXEC SQL INCLUDE not permitted from within an included file

SQL-02130       EXEC TOOLS interface is not available 

ORA-02224       EXECUTE privilege not allowed for tables 

ORA-23433       executing against wrong master site name

ORA-12011       execution of num jobs failed

ORA-04061       existing state of name has been invalidated 

ORA-04068       existing state of packages has been discarded 

ORA-01908       EXISTS keyword expected 

PLS-00373       EXIT label name must label a LOOP statement

ORA-00225       expected size num of controlfile name differs from actual size num

PCC-00018       Expected token, but found token at line num in file name 

PCC-00054       Expected end-of-statement at column name in line num of file name 

PCC-02330       Expecting an expression of integer type

PCC-02387       Expecting an expression of type sql_cursor

ORA-12825       explicit degree of parallelism must be specified here

EXP-00000       export terminated unsuccessfully 

EXP-00024       export views not installed, please notify your DBA 

EXP-00037       Export views not compatible with database version

IMP-00043       export file character set inconsistent

ORA-01790       expression must have same datatype as corresponding expression 

PCC-02319       Expression type does not match usage

PLS-00321       expression str is inappropriate as the left hand side of an assignment        statement

PLS-00363       expression str cannot be used as an assignment target

PLS-00363       expression str cannot be used as an assignment target

PLS-00382       expression is of wrong type

PLS-00403       expression str cannot be used as an INTO target of a SELECT/FETCH statement

ORA-01551       extended rollback segment, pinned blocks released 

MOD-00094       extension in PNAME option is specified but not meaningful

DBA-00101       extraneous text at end of command 

EXP-00019       failed to process parameters, type "EXP HELP=Y" for help 

EXP-00020       failed to allocate memory of size num 

EXP-00027       failed to calculate Oracle block size 

EXP-00028       failed to open name for write 

IMP-00002       failed to open name for read 

IMP-00006       failed to allocate memory of size num 

IMP-00022       failed to process parameters, type "IMP HELP=Y" for help 

IMP-00027       failed to roll back partial import of previous table 

IMP-00030       failed to create file name for write

MOD-00081       failed assertion

ORA-00025       failed to allocate num 

ORA-00107       failed to connect to network listener process 

ORA-00108       failed to set up dispatcher to accept connection asynchronously 

ORA-01538       failed to acquire any rollback segment 

ORA-01561       failed to remove all objects in the tablespace specified 

ORA-01562       failed to extend rollback segment ID = num

ORA-01599       failed to acquire rollback segment "name", cache space is full (currently     has num entries) 

ORA-09105       failed to acquire storage space in target system

ORA-13103       failed to acknowledge on pipe name due to timeout

ORA-13104       failed to send reply on pipe name due to timeout

ORA-13121       failed to create child partition

ORA-13127       failed to generate target partition

ORA-13128       failed to identify dimensions for column name

ORA-13145       failed to generate range list

ORA-13147       failed to generate MBR

ORA-13148       failed to generate SQL filter

ORA-13149       failed to generate next sequence number for spatial table name

ORA-13150       failed to insert exception record

LCC-00217       failure while processing file parameter 

ORA-00349       failure obtaining block size for name 

ORA-01078       failure in processing initialization parameters 

ORA-01091       failure during startup force 

ORA-01500       failure in getting date/time 

ORA-01803       failure in getting date/time 

ORA-00447       fatal error in background process

ORA-01073       fatal connection error: unrecognized call type 

ORA-03106       fatal two-task communication protocol error 

PCC-02102       Fatal error while doing C preprocessing 

SQL-02116       FATAL ERROR: Reentrant code generator gave invalid context 

MOD-00088       feature not implemented yet

ORA-23375       feature is incompatible with database version at num

ORA-01002       fetch out of sequence 

ORA-09121       fetch exceeds maximum number of records defined for table

ORA-01405       fetched column value is NULL 

ORA-01406       fetched column value was truncated 

SQL-02129       FETCHed number of bytes is odd

ORA-02028       fetching an exact number of rows is not supported by the server 

ORA-02359       field in datafile exceeded maximum specified length 

SQL*Load-621    field in datafile exceeded maximum specified length 

ORA-00317       file type str in header is not log file 

ORA-00372       file name cannot be modified at this time 

ORA-00376       file name cannot be read at this time 

ORA-01113       file name needs media recovery 

ORA-01135       file name accessed for DML query is offline 

ORA-01144       file size num blocks exceeds maximum of num blocks 

ORA-01152       file name was not restored from a sufficiently old backup 

ORA-01159       file name is not from same database as previous files - wrong database id

ORA-01160       file name is not a str - it is of type str 

ORA-01166       file number num is larger than num num

ORA-01170       file not found name 

ORA-01178       file name created before last CREATE CONTROLFILE, cannot be recreated 

ORA-01179       file name does not exist 

ORA-01181       file name created before last RESETLOGS, cannot be recreated 

ORA-01189       file is from a different RESETLOGS than previous files 

ORA-01191       file name is already offline - cannot do a normal offline 

ORA-01193       file name is not the same file seen at start of recovery 

ORA-01194       file name needs more recovery to be consistent 

ORA-01196       file name is inconsistent due to a failed media recovery session 

ORA-01201       file size num in header does not match size num in control file 

ORA-01206       file is not part of this database - wrong database id 

ORA-01207       file is more recent than control file - old control file 

ORA-01220       file based sort illegal before database is open 

ORA-01226       file header of redo log member is inconsistent with other member 

ORA-01233       file name is read only - cannot recover using backup control file

ORA-01522       file name to be renamed does not exist 

ORA-01566       file specified more than once in DROP LOGFILE 

ORA-02197       file list already specified 

ORA-03297       file contains num blocks of data beyond requested RESIZE value

ORA-12402       file: str 

ORA-12403       file label name must be equal to DBHIGH name 

ORA-12444       file label is lower than instance label

ORA-12446       file label is higher than instance label 

PCC-00120       File I/O error during code generation 

SQL*Load-264    file mode token name parsed but ignored 

DBA-00383       filename name pointed to by name could not be opened 

ORA-02238       filename lists have different numbers of files 

PCC-00074       FIPS warning: Multiply defined host variable in line num of file name 

PCC-00078       FIPS warning: Invalid ANSI SQL identifier 

PCC-01513       FIPS warning: Unsupported datatype in line num of file name

PCC-01515       FIPS warning: Undeclared host variable hostvar at line num in file name

SQL-02120       First and second arguments to SQLRCN both null

ORA-02474       fixed hash area extents used num exceeds maximum allowed num

PLS-00510       FLOAT cannot have scale

ORA-01724       floating point precision is out of range 1 to 126 

IMP-00015       following statement failed because the object already exists: str 

IMP-00017       following statement failed with Oracle message num: str 

ORA-02068       following severe error from name 

IMP-00025       for DBA export files, FROMUSER must be specified with TOUSER 

ORA-01786       FOR UPDATE of this query expression is not allowed 

PCC-00053       FOR variable var is invalid type at line num in file name 

PCC-00056       FOR clause not allowed in SELECT statement at line num in file name 

PCC-00102       FOR UPDATE is an Oracle extension 

PCC-00104       FOR clause is an Oracle extension 

PCC-01009       For HOST=COB74, a SQL statement must be followed by ELSE or "." 

PCC-02372       FOR clause not allowed in a SELECT statement

PLS-01421       FOR UPDATE clause

SQL*Load-601    for INSERT option, table must be empty. error on name 

MOD-00050       formal parameter param is not used in procedure 

PCC-02310       Formal parameter VARCHARs must be declared as pointers 

ORA-01810       format code appears twice 

ORA-01820       format code cannot appear in date input format 

SQL*Load-200    FORMAT clause should not be present - flat data files only 

IMP-00011       formatted table data not currently supported 

ORA-02295       found more than one enable/disable clause for constraint 

PCC-02010       Found end-of-file while scanning string literal 

PCC-02011       Found identifier greater than 128 characters (truncated) 

PCC-02018       Found end-of-file while scanning comment 

PCC-02021       Found newline while scanning string literal

PCC-02022       Found end of file while scanning a SQL statement

PCC-02023       Found end of file while scanning a PL/SQL statement

PCC-02200       Found unrecognized punctuation sequence 

PCC-02201       Found syntax error 

PCC-02203       Found end of file when not expected

PCC-02322       Found undefined identifier 

PLS-00103       found str but expected one of the following: str

ORA-02170       FREELIST GROUPS storage option not allowed 

ORA-02169       FREELISTS storage option not allowed 

ORA-00923       FROM keyword not found where expected 

IMP-00024       full import mode, cannot specify FROMUSER or TABLES parameter 

ORA-01841       (full) year must be between -4713 and +9999

ORA-06571       function name does not guarantee not to update database

ORA-06572       function name has out arguments

ORA-06573       function name modifies package state, cannot be used here

ORA-06574       function name references package state, cannot execute remotely

ORA-06575       function name is in an invalid state

ORA-24275       function name parameter name missing or invalid

ORA-24276       function name output name maximum value exceeded

PCC-02357       Function calls may not be used as host variable expressions 

PLS-00203       function DECODE must be called with at least 3 non-Boolean arguments

PLS-00204       function or pseudo-column name may be used inside a SQL statement only

PLS-00231       function name may not be used in SQL

PLS-00233       function name used as an exception name in WHEN clause

ORA-09102       gateway internal communication error

ORA-09103       gateway internal protocol error

ORA-09104       gateway internal cross-communication error

ORA-09120       gateway has timed out access to target system

ORA-01680       gc_db_locks cannot be zero if gc_files_to_locks is used

ORA-01606       GC_FILES_TO_LOCKS not identical to that of another mounted instance 

ORA-01607       GC_LCK_PROCS num is not the same as other instances num 

ORA-23381       generated object for base object does not exist

ORA-00084       global area must be PGA, SGA, or UGA

ORA-01560       global hash table size mismatch for GC_name (num != num) 

ORA-01572       global hash table size num for rollback segments is too small for rollback    segment ID num 

ORA-02069       global_names parameter must be set to TRUE for this operation

ORA-01713       GRANT OPTION does not exist for that privilege 

ORA-01720       grant option does not exist for str 

ORA-01928       GRANT option not granted for all privileges 

ORA-01994       GRANT failed: cannot add users to public password file

ORA-01996       GRANT failed: password file name is full

ORA-01997       GRANT failed: user name is identified externally

ORA-12441       grant already exists at a different label 

ORA-00934       group function is not allowed here 

ORA-00935       group function is nested too deeply 

ORA-01224       group number in header name does not match GROUP name 

ORA-23332       group name is in use; cannot drop

ORA-02469       hash expression does not return an Oracle Number

ORA-06580       Hash Join ran out of memory while keeping large rows in memory

ORA-02459       hashkey value must be a positive integer 

ORA-02458       HASHKEYS must be specified for a HASH CLUSTER 

SQL-02111       Heap consistency error

ORA-01818       HH24 precludes use of meridian indicator 

ORA-13129       HHCODE column name not found

MOD-00062       host variable for indicator is not recognized 

ORA-24302       host connection in use by another thread

PCC-00068       Host and indicator variables may not have the same name 

PCC-00069       Host variable var has unsupported datatype at line num in file name 

PCC-02206       Host variables are not permitted within a DDL statement

PCC-02336       Host variable expression has invalid type 

PCC-02339       Host variables cannot be of union types 

PCC-02341       Host variable has illegal type

PCC-02344       Host variable arrays must all be of equal size 

PCC-02362       Host variable not declared within SQL Declare Section 

PCC-02364       Host structure and its indicator must have the same number of fields 

PCC-02365       Host and its indicator variable must have the same array dimensions

ORA-01813       hour may only be specified once 

ORA-01836       hour conflicts with seconds in day 

ORA-01849       hour must be between 1 and 12 

ORA-01850       hour must be between 0 and 23 

ORA-12826       hung parallel query server was killed

ORA-01938       IDENTIFIED BY must be specified for CREATE USER 

ORA-01942       IDENTIFIED BY and EXTERNALLY cannot both be specified 

ORA-01943       IDENTIFIED BY already specified 

ORA-01944       IDENTIFIED EXTERNALLY already specified 

ORA-00972       identifier is too long 

PCC-01202       Identifier ident truncated to 31 characters

PCC-01511       Identifier on line num in file name was too long for code generated in file   name

PCC-02308       Identifier required in this function definition

PCC-02358       Identifier following ARRAYLEN must be the name of an array 

PCC-02359       Identifier specifying ARRAYLEN dimension must be an integer 

PLS-00114       identifier name too long

PLS-00201       identifier name must be declared

PLS-00207       identifier name, applied to implicit cursor SQL, is not a legal cursor        attribute

PLS-00208       identifier name is not a legal cursor attribute

PLS-00413       identifier in CURRENT OF clause is not a cursor name

PLS-01401       identifier over 18 characters long

ORA-00123       idle public server terminating

SQL*Load-406    if data is all generated, number to load cannot be ALL 

SQL*Load-407    if data is all generated, number to skip is meaningless 

DBA-00103       illegal ARCHIVE LOG option 

DBA-00104       illegal RECOVER option 

DBA-00110       illegal SET option 

DBA-00111       illegal SHOW option 

DBA-00116       illegal SHUTDOWN option 

DBA-00119       illegal STARTUP option 

DBA-00121       illegal MONITOR option 

LCC-00112       illegal integer radix specification character

LCC-00114       illegal boolean response character

LCC-00210       illegal assignment operator symbol 

ORA-00274       illegal recovery option str 

ORA-00277       illegal option to the UNTIL recovery flag str 

ORA-00300       illegal redo log block size num specified - exceeds limit of num 

ORA-00949       illegal reference to remote database 

ORA-00997       illegal use of LONG datatype 

ORA-01036       illegal variable name/num 

ORA-01413       illegal value in packed decimal number buffer 

ORA-01497       illegal option for ANALYZE CLUSTER

ORA-01601       illegal bucket size in clause str of GC_FILES_TO_LOCKS 

ORA-01603       illegal grouping in clause str of GC_FILES_TO_LOCKS 

ORA-01604       illegal file number range in clause str of GC_FILES_TO_LOCKS 

ORA-01734       illegal parameters - EXTENT MIN higher than EXTENT MAX

ORA-01741       illegal zero-length identifier 

ORA-01760       illegal argument for function 

ORA-01771       illegal option for a clustered table 

ORA-01974       illegal archive option 

ORA-01975       illegal character in change number num 

ORA-02035       illegal bundled operation combination 

ORA-02065       illegal option for ALTER SYSTEM 

ORA-02383       illegal cost factor 

ORA-02483       illegal ID value specified for events

PCC-00070       Illegal syntax. Exponential value in SQL statement: text 

PCC-02305       Illegal mixing of new and old style C function declarations 

PCC-02306       Illegal name of C function

PCC-02309       Illegal formal parameter declaration 

PCC-02316       Illegal operator in constant expression

PCC-02317       Illegal cast type expression

PCC-02326       Illegal structure reference operation 

PCC-02351       Illegal datatype equivalencing operation 

PCC-02371       Illegal FOR clause

PLS-00128       illegal number of arguments for pragma name

PLS-00374       illegal EXIT statement; it must appear inside the loop labeled name

PLS-00375       illegal GOTO statement; this GOTO cannot branch to label name

PLS-00376       illegal EXIT statement; it must appear inside a loop

PLS-00490       illegal statement

PLS-00701       illegal Oracle error number num for PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT

PLS-01701       illegal syntax in ROLLBACK WORK statement

PLS-01702       illegal syntax in COMMIT WORK statement

SQL*Load-304    illegal combination of non-alphanumeric characters 

ORA-01089       immediate shutdown in progress - no operations are permitted 

PLS-00509       implementation restriction: pass a returned record to a temporary identifier   before selecting a field

PLS-00512       implementation restriction: 'name' cannot directly access remote package      variable or cursor

ORA-02005       implicit (-1) length not valid for this bind or define datatype 

IMP-00000       import terminated unsuccessfully

IMP-00023       import views not installed, please notify your DBA 

ORA-23327       imported deferred remote procedure call data does not match id of importing   db

ORA-09124       in name argument name: Index out of range

PCC-01004       In an EXEC statement at end-of-file 

PLS-00326       IN clause must contain same number of expressions as subquery

PLS-00368       in RAISE statement, name must be an exception name

PLS-00372       in a procedure, RETURN statement cannot contain an expression

PLS-00425       in SQL, function argument and return type must be SQL type

PLS-00485       in exception handler, name must be an exception name

PLS-00950       in this version, PL/SQL tables cannot be used in this SQL statement

PLS-01472       in a set_function_specification, if DISTINCT is present, the expression must   be a column_specification

PLS-01707       in positioned DELETE or UPDATE statement, table must be identified in         specification of cursor

PLS-01708       in searched DELETE, UPDATE or INSERT, table must not appear in FROM clause    of subqueries in search condition

PLS-01710       in a positioned DELETE or UPDATE statement, the cursor name must be of        length 1

MOD-00073       INAME option is specified but not meaningful 

ORA-01744       inappropriate INTO 

ORA-02460       inappropriate index operation on a hash cluster 

ORA-02461       inappropriate use of the INDEX option 

ORA-02465       inappropriate use of the HASH IS option 

PLS-00120       inappropriate argument in OPEN statement

PCC-02016       Include file pathname is too long 

ORA-00356       inconsistent lengths in change description 

ORA-00932       inconsistent datatypes 

SQL-02101       Inconsistent cursor cache. Unit cursor/global cursor mismatch

SQL-02102       Inconsistent cursor cache. No global cursor entry

SQL-02103       Inconsistent cursor cache. Out of range cursor cache reference

SQL-02104       Inconsistent host cache. No cursor cache available

SQL-02105       Inconsistent cursor cache. Global cursor not found

SQL-02106       Inconsistent cursor cache. Invalid Oracle cursor number

SQL-02109       Inconsistent host cache. Host reference is out of range

SQL-02110       Inconsistent host cache. Invalid host cache entry type

ORA-23340       incorrect resolution method name

SQL*Load-934    incorrect datafile name specified for table tabnam

ORA-04002       INCREMENT must be a non-zero integer 

ORA-04005       INCREMENT must be less than MAXVALUE minus MINVALUE 

EXP-00029       incremental export mode and consistent mode are not compatible

ORA-01448       index must be dropped before changing to desired type 

ORA-01502       index is in direct load state 

ORA-02365       index name was left in Direct Load State due to 

ORA-02367       index name was loaded

ORA-08100       index is not valid - see trace file for diagnostics 

ORA-08101       index key does not exist root dba num, dba num num

ORA-08102       index key not found, obj# num, dba num num 

SQL*Load-257    index name specified in SORTED INDEXES does not exist on table name  

SQL*Load-260    index num is in an invalid state

ORA-12445       index/row label mismatch - see trace file

ORA-01746       indicator variable not permitted here 

PCC-00024       Indicator variable var has wrong type or length at line num in file name 

PCC-00132       Indicator array size must not be less than its host variable

PCC-02363       Indicator variable must be a structure 

PCC-02367       Indicator variables must be declared as type short 

PCC-02348       Indicators are not allowed in EXEC IAF statements 

ORA-02203       INITIAL storage options not allowed 

ORA-02361       initial enclosing character not found 

SQL*Load-620    initial enclosing character not found 

ORA-00065       initialization of FIXED_DATE failed 

ORA-09119       initialization file contains error

DBA-00304       input file I/O error num - input aborted 

ORA-01840       input value not long enough for date format 

ORA-08464       input raw decimal data contains more than 42 digits

ORA-08465       input mask contains more than 32 characters

PCC-00072       Input file name length exceeds 14 characters 

PCC-00122       Input file name and output file name are identical 

PCC-02394       Input file name and output filename are identical

PLS-00396       INSERT statement's subquery yields wrong number of columns

ORA-01401       inserted value too large for column 

ORA-02159       installed DLM does not support releasable locking mode

DBA-00321       instance name too long 

ORA-00265       instance recovery required, cannot set ARCHIVELOG mode 

ORA-01576       instance locking protocol version num incompatible with Oracle Version num 

ORA-12824       INSTANCES DEFAULT may not be specified here

DBA-00328       insufficient privilege for this display 

DBA-00329       insufficient privilege for SHOW SGA 

DBA-00336       insufficient privilege for SHOW PARAMETERS 

IMP-00014       insufficient Oracle privileges to do import 

ORA-00944       insufficient number of clustered columns 

ORA-01031       insufficient privileges 

ORA-01039       insufficient privileges on underlying objects of the view 

ORA-04060       insufficient privileges to execute name 

ORA-12428       insufficient MAC privileges 

ORA-12438       insufficient privileges to validate constraint on all rows 

ORA-12487       insufficient privileges to set label to DBHIGH or DBLOW 

ORA-12489       insufficient MAC privilege to alter session

ORA-12827       insufficient parallel query slaves available

ORA-23406       insufficient privileges on user "name"

PLS-00904       insufficient privilege to access object name

DBA-00125       integer value overflow 

LCC-00113       integer conversion error or negative integer num

ORA-02017       integer value required 

ORA-23366       integer value num is less than 1

ORA-02291       integrity constraint violated - parent key not found 

ORA-02292       integrity constraint violated - child record found 

MOD-00065       interface definition missing for procedure name 

DBA-00300       internal error code, arguments: [num], [str]

EXP-00006       internal inconsistency error 

LCC-00100       internal error, argument num 

MOD-00036       internal programming exception 

ORA-00600       internal error code, arguments: [num], [?], [?], [?], [?], [?] 

ORA-00602       internal programming exception 

ORA-00606       internal error code 

ORA-01041       internal error. HOSTDEF extension does not exist 

ORA-01058       internal New Upi interface error

ORA-01431       internal inconsistency in GRANT command 

ORA-01443       internal inconsistency; illegal datatype in resultant view column 

ORA-01444       internal inconsistency; internal datatype maps to invalid external type 

ORA-01743       internal inconsistency; illegal user function index 

ORA-23305       internal deferred RPC error: str

PLS-00801       internal error [num]

SQL*Load-702    internal error - str 

SQL*Load-703    internal error: argument num 

SQL*Load-704    internal error: str num 

SQL*Load-705    internal error 

PLS-01420       INTERSECT and MINUS set operators are not ANSI

ORA-23420       interval must evaluate to a time in the future

MOD-00059       INTO variable var was not listed as a formal parameter 

PLS-00387       INTO variable cannot be a database object

DBA-00100       invalid SPOOL filename 

DBA-00105       invalid INSTANCE name 

DBA-00106       invalid ECHO switch 

DBA-00107       invalid TERMOUT switch 

DBA-00108       invalid TIMING switch 

DBA-00109       invalid CYCLE value 

DBA-00113       invalid PFILE name 

DBA-00114       invalid database name 

DBA-00117       invalid tablespace name 

DBA-00118       invalid process identifier or invalid statistics class 

DBA-00120       invalid STOPONERROR switch 

DBA-00122       invalid SET numeric parameter 

DBA-00123       invalid tablespace name list 

DBA-00124       invalid ARCHIVE destination 

DBA-00126       invalid VERIFY switch 

DBA-00127       invalid combination of STARTUP options 

DBA-00128       invalid DEBUG switch 

DBA-00131       invalid ARCHIVE TO device 

DBA-00133       invalid datafile list 

DBA-00134       invalid AUTORECOVERY switch 

DBA-00139       invalid ALTER DATABASE option 

DBA-00140       invalid COMPATIBILITY switch 

DBA-00141       invalid RETRIES value 

DBA-00144       invalid object type for DESCRIBE 

DBA-00145       invalid object name for DESCRIBE 

DBA-00146       invalid HISTORY value 

DBA-00147       invalid LINES value 

DBA-00148       invalid TERM switch (use either PAGE or NOPAGE) 

DBA-00149       invalid SERVEROUTPUT switch

DBA-00150       invalid FLAGGER switch

EXP-00004       invalid username or password 

IMP-00004       invalid username or password 

IMP-00012       invalid export mode num in header 

LCC-00128       invalid positional parameter value num

ORA-00022       invalid session id; access denied 

ORA-00067       invalid value num for parameter num, must be at least num 

ORA-00068       invalid value num for parameter num, must be between num and num 

ORA-00080       invalid global area specified by level num

ORA-00101       invalid specification for initialization parameter MTS_DISPATCHERS 

ORA-00103       invalid network protocol; reserved for use by dispatchers 

ORA-00119       invalid specification for system parameter MTS_LISTENER_ADDRESS

ORA-00151       invalid transaction ID 

ORA-00400       invalid release value num for parameter name

ORA-00900       invalid SQL statement 

ORA-00901       invalid CREATE command 

ORA-00902       invalid datatype 

ORA-00903       invalid table name 

ORA-00904       invalid column name 

ORA-00909       invalid number of arguments 

ORA-00911       invalid character 

ORA-00919       invalid function 

ORA-00920       invalid relational operator 

ORA-00940       invalid ALTER command 

ORA-00950       invalid DROP option 

ORA-00953       invalid index name 

ORA-00974       invalid PCTFREE value percentage

ORA-00985       invalid program name 

ORA-00992       invalid format for REVOKE command 

ORA-00999       invalid view name 

ORA-01001       invalid cursor 

ORA-01010       invalid OCI operation 

ORA-01017       invalid username/password; logon denied 

ORA-01024       invalid datatype in OCI call 

ORA-01040       invalid character in password; logon denied 

ORA-01057       invalid or ambiguous block.field reference in user exit 

ORA-01084       invalid argument in OCI call

ORA-01410       invalid ROWID 

ORA-01414       invalid array length when trying to bind array 

ORA-01458       invalid length inside variable character string 

ORA-01459       invalid length for variable character string 

ORA-01465       invalid hex number 

ORA-01481       invalid number format model 

ORA-01483       invalid length for DATE or NUMBER bind variable 

ORA-01488       invalid nibble or byte in the input data 

ORA-01490       invalid ANALYZE command 

ORA-01493       invalid SAMPLE size specified 

ORA-01494       invalid SIZE specified

ORA-01513       invalid current time returned by operating system 

ORA-01722       invalid number 

ORA-01730       invalid number of column names specified 

ORA-01735       invalid ALTER TABLE option 

ORA-01745       invalid host/bind variable name 

ORA-01747       invalid user.table.column, table.column, or columns specification 

ORA-01751       invalid dump undo option

ORA-01914       invalid auditing option for sequence numbers 

ORA-01915       invalid auditing option for views 

ORA-01948       invalid DEFAULT ROLE specification 

ORA-01956       invalid command when OS_ROLES are being used 

ORA-01967       invalid option for CREATE CONTROLFILE 

ORA-01982       invalid auditing option for tables 

ORA-01983       invalid auditing option for DEFAULT 

ORA-01984       invalid auditing option for procedures/packages/functions 

ORA-01986       invalid option for OPTIMIZER_GOAL 

ORA-01991       invalid password file name

ORA-02003       invalid USERENV parameter 

ORA-02006       invalid packed decimal format string 

ORA-02078       invalid setting for ALTER SYSTEM FIXED_DATE 

ORA-02134       Invalid runtime context

ORA-02140       invalid tablespace name 

ORA-02141       invalid OFFLINE option 

ORA-02143       invalid STORAGE option 

ORA-02155       invalid DEFAULT tablespace identifier 

ORA-02156       invalid TEMPORARY tablespace identifier 

ORA-02158       invalid CREATE INDEX option 

ORA-02161       invalid value for MAXLOGFILES 

ORA-02162       invalid value for MAXDATAFILES 

ORA-02163       invalid value for FREELIST GROUPS 

ORA-02165       invalid option for CREATE DATABASE 

ORA-02168       invalid value for FREELISTS 

ORA-02171       invalid value for MAXLOGHISTORY 

ORA-02173       invalid option for DROP TABLESPACE 

ORA-02175       invalid rollback segment name 

ORA-02176       invalid option for CREATE ROLLBACK SEGMENT 

ORA-02180       invalid option for CREATE TABLESPACE 

ORA-02181       invalid option to ROLLBACK WORK 

ORA-02187       invalid quota specification 

ORA-02207       invalid INITRANS option value 

ORA-02209       invalid MAXTRANS option value 

ORA-02211       invalid value for PCTFREE or PCTUSED 

ORA-02218       invalid INITIAL storage option value 

ORA-02219       invalid NEXT storage option value 

ORA-02220       invalid MINEXTENTS storage option value 

ORA-02221       invalid MAXEXTENTS storage option value 

ORA-02222       invalid PCTINCREASE storage option value 

ORA-02223       invalid OPTIMAL storage option value 

ORA-02226       invalid MAXEXTENTS value max allowed: num

ORA-02227       invalid cluster name 

ORA-02229       invalid SIZE option value 

ORA-02230       invalid ALTER CLUSTER option 

ORA-02232       invalid MOUNT mode 

ORA-02233       invalid CLOSE mode 

ORA-02236       invalid filename 

ORA-02237       invalid file size 

ORA-02240       invalid value for OBJNO or TABNO 

ORA-02243       invalid ALTER INDEX or ALTER SNAPSHOT option 

ORA-02244       invalid ALTER ROLLBACK SEGMENT option 

ORA-02245       invalid ROLLBACK SEGMENT name 

ORA-02248       invalid option for ALTER SESSION 

ORA-02277       invalid sequence name 

ORA-02288       invalid OPEN mode 

ORA-02376       invalid or redundant resource 

ORA-02377       invalid resource limit 

ORA-02450       invalid hash option - missing keyword IS 

ORA-02452       invalid HASHKEYS option value 

ORA-02493       invalid file increment size in NEXT clause

ORA-02494       invalid or missing maximum file size in MAXSIZE clause

ORA-03116       invalid buffer length passed to a conversion routine

ORA-03277       invalid SIZE specified 

ORA-03279       invalid INSTANCE specified 

ORA-03280       invalid datafile filename specified 

ORA-03281       invalid ALLOCATE EXTENT option 

ORA-03287       invalid FREELIST GROUP specified 

ORA-03290       invalid truncate command - missing CLUSTER or TABLE keyword 

ORA-03291       invalid truncate option - missing STORAGE keyword 

ORA-04050       invalid or missing procedure, function, or package name 

ORA-04070       invalid trigger name 

ORA-04072       invalid trigger type 

ORA-04074       invalid REFERENCING name 

ORA-04075       invalid trigger action 

ORA-04076       invalid NEW or OLD specification 

ORA-04079       invalid trigger specification 

ORA-04083       invalid trigger variable name 

ORA-06566       invalid number of rows specified

ORA-06567       invalid number of values specified

ORA-08401       invalid compiler name: name

ORA-08413       invalid compiler type in FORMAT parameter at name

ORA-08433       invalid picture type in convert raw to number

ORA-08437       invalid picture type in picture mask

ORA-08449       invalid numeric symbol found in picture mask

ORA-08450       invalid specification of CR in picture mask

ORA-08451       invalid specification of DB in picture mask

ORA-08458       invalid format parameter

ORA-08459       invalid format parameter length

ORA-08460       invalid environment clause in environment parameter

ORA-09108       invalid record in target system

ORA-12457       invalid length for MLSLABEL bind variable 

ORA-12461       invalid binary label 

ORA-12700       invalid NLS parameter value name

ORA-12702       invalid NLS parameter string used in SQL function 

ORA-12705       invalid or unknown NLS parameter value specified 

ORA-12818       invalid option in PARALLEL clause

ORA-12820       invalid value for DEGREE

ORA-12821       invalid value for INSTANCES

ORA-13112       invalid count mode name

ORA-13140       invalid target type

ORA-13141       invalid RANGE window definition

ORA-13142       invalid PROXIMITY window definition

ORA-13143       invalid POLYGON window definition

ORA-13152       invalid HHCODE type

ORA-23342       invalid parameter column name

ORA-23400       invalid snapshot name "name"

ORA-24307       invalid length for piece

ORA-25000       invalid use of bind variable in trigger WHEN clause

PCC-00002       Invalid syntax at column name in line num of file name

PCC-00003       Invalid SQL Identifier at column name in line num of file name

PCC-00007       Invalid WHENEVER condition at column name in line num of file name

PCC-00008       Invalid WHENEVER action at column name in line num of file name

PCC-00009       Invalid host variable at column name in line num of file name

PCC-00026       Invalid host variable vat at line num in file name 

PCC-00031       Invalid value given for option optnam 

PCC-00032       Invalid option optnam 

PCC-00089       Invalid Oracle TYPE specification 

PCC-00093       Invalid or obsolete option, ignored 

PCC-00117       Invalid ARRAYLEN length variable type 

PCC-00130       Invalid value val for option optnam

PCC-00136       Invalid SQL_CURSOR declaration

PCC-00137       Invalid use of SQL_CURSOR host variable

PCC-01002       Invalid character char in indicator area at line num in file name 

PCC-01003       Invalid continuation at line num in file name 

PCC-01010       Invalid use of NULL character in character literal 

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