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This manual describes the concepts necessary for implementing Oracle7 Server, release 7.3 in a distributed environment It also introduces the tools and utilities available to assist you in implementing and maintaining your distributed system.

How Oracle7 Server Distributed Systems, Volume I is Organized

Chapter 1: Understanding Distributed Systems

This chapter provides an introduction to client-server model, distributed system and networking concepts and terminology. It is recommended reading for anyone planning to implement or maintain a distributed system.

Chapter 2: Network Administration

This chapter provides an overview of networking related issues in a distributed environment including setting up a network, adding and dropping sites (nodes) from a distributed system, monitoring network services, etc.

Chapter 3: Network Administration Utilities

This chapter discusses some of SQL*Net's administrative capabilities and utilities. It also discusses some of the tasks you perform to configure and maintain your network.

Chapter 4: Database Administration

This chapter provides guidance on implementing and maintaining databases in a distributed system and provides an introduction to the Oracle utilities provided for database administration, for example, Oracle Server Manager.

Chapter 5: Distributed Updates

This chapter describes how Oracle's maintains the integrity of distributed transactions involving updates through its transaction recovery mechanism.

Chapter 6: Security Issues

This chapter discusses both network and database security issues that are unique to distributed systems. Because open systems are inherently vulnerable unless security measures are taken to prevent breaches, the issues discussed in this chapter are quite important.

Chapter 7: Application Development

This chapter describes the special considerations that are necessary if you are designing an application to run in a distributed system. Topics covered include: where data should be located for fast access, how to name objects uniquely throughout the distributed system, how to control connections through database links, how to design distributed queries, and how to use the XA Library.

Appendix A: Operating System Dependencies

This appendix is a summary of all the operating system-specific references contained within this manual.

Conventions Used in This Guide

The following conventions are used in code fragments in this guide:


Uppercase text identifies text that must be entered exactly as shown. For example:

SQLPLUS username/password

lowercase italics

Lowercase italics text is used for emphasis and to indicate glossary terms. It also identifies a variable for which you should substitute an appropriate value. Parentheses should be entered as shown. For example:

VARCHAR (length)

Vertical bars |

Vertical bars indicate alternate choices. For example:


Braces { }

Required items are enclosed in curly braces, meaning you must choose one of the alternatives. For example:

{column_name | array_def}

Square brackets [ ]

Optional items are enclosed in square brackets. For example:

DECIMAL (digits [ , precision ])


SQL operators are indicated by <operator>. For example:

WHERE x <operator> x

Ellipses ...

Repeated items are indicated by enclosure in square brackets and ellipses. For example:

WHERE column_1 <operator> x 
  AND column_2 <operator> y
 [AND ...]

Your Comments Are Welcome

We value and appreciate your comments as an Oracle user and reader of the manuals. As we write, revise, and evaluate our documentation, your opinions are the most important input we receive. At the back of this manual is a Reader's Comment Form which we encourage you to use to tell us what you like and dislike about this manual or other Oracle manuals. If the form has been used or you would like to contact us, please contact us at the following address:

Oracle7 Server Documentation Manager
Oracle Corporation
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Redwood Shores, CA 94065
Fax: (415) 506-7200

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