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1 Interpreting Error Messages

Sorting Out Oracle Enterprise Manager Error Messages
Calling Worldwide Customer Support

2 Oracle Trace Messages

EPC-00000 to EPC-00400: Server Messages
EPCW-00000 to EPCW-00999: User Interface Messages
EPCW-01000 to EPCW-01999: User Interface Messages

3 Oracle Expert Services Messages

XP-07000 to XP-07999: Oracle Expert Error Messages

4 SQL Engine and Line Mode Messages

MGR-00100 to MGR-00199: Line Mode Parsing Messages
MGR-00300 to MGR-00399: Line Mode Execution Messages
MGR-01500 to MGR-01599: Internal Messages
MGR-02090 to MGR-03155: Internal SQL Engine Messages
MGR 03500 to MGR-03536: Server Manager SQL Engine Messages
MGR-04000 to MGR-04008: SQL Worksheet Messages
MGR-04009 to MGR-04099: Worksheet Messages
MGR-04501 to MGR-04550: Line Mode Messages
MGR-05500 to MGR-05509: User Program Interface Messages
MGR-06500 to MGR-06528: Oracle Toolkit II Internal Error Messages
MGR-06600 to MGR-06621: Oracle Help Internal Error Messages

5 Agent Messages

NMS-00000 to NMS-00050: Agent Configuration and Startup
NMS-00051 to NMS-00075: Agent Logging Messages
NMS-00200 to NMS-00250: Database Subagent
NMS-00250 to NMS-00275: Subagent Logging Messages
NMS-00301 to NMS-00350: Agent Operation Messages
NMS-00351 to NMS-00360: Encryption of Agent Files
NMS-00361 to NMS-00370: Unsolicited Event Executable
NMS-00600 to NMS-00799: Jobs and Events
NMS-00900 to NMS-00999: Agent Logging Messages
NMS-01000 to NMS-01099: Agent Error Messages
NMS-01200 to NMS-01999: Internal Agent Error Messages
NMS-05000 to NMS-05999 Agent Errors of the Console

6 Backup and Recovery Manager Messages

VAR-03000 to VAR-03999: Tablespace Backup Error Messages
VAR-08000 to VAR-13012: Other Error Messages

7 Security Manager Messages

VAC-01000 to VAC-07000: Informational Messages

8 Storage Manager Messages

VAG-00100 to VAG-05999: Non-critical Error Messages

9 Instance Manager Messages

VAI-01000 to VAI-01399: Non-critical Error Messages

10 Schema Manager Messages

VAS-01000 to VAS-04999: Schema Management Messages

11 Generic Oracle Enterprise Manager Messages

VAX-00000 to VAX 10011: Critical Generic Error Messages
VAX-13100 to VAX 15512: Other Generic Messages

12 Oracle Performance Manager Messages

VMM-01000 to VMM-01999: Not So Critical Error Messages
VMM-02000 to VMM-02999: Informational Messages

13 Oracle TopSessions Messages

VMS-00000 to VMS-00999: Critical Errors
VMS-01000 to VMS-01999: Not So Critical Errors
VMS-02000 to VMS-02999: Informational Messages

14 Tablespace Manager Messages

VMT-00000 to VMT-00999: Critical Error Messages
VMT-10000 to VMT-10099: Informational Error Messages

15 Console Messages

VOC-00000 to VOC-00099: Critical Error Messages
VOC-00100 to VOC-00199: Non-critical Error Messages
VOC-04000 to VOC-04999: General Messages
VOC-07000 to VOC-07999: Navigator Messages
VOC-08000 to VOC-08999: Job Scheduling Messages
VOC-10100 to VOC-10200: Map Messages

16 Daemon Messages

VOD-00500 to VOD-00600: Daemon Error Messages
VOD-01401 to VOD-01420: Connection Cache Errors

17 Job System Messages

VOJ-00100 to VOJ-00199: Critical Error Messages
VOJ-00200 to VOJ-00642: Other Job System Messages


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