Pro*C/C++ Precompiler Programmer's Guide
Release 8.0






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System-Specific References

This appendix groups together in one place all references in this guide to system-specific information.

System-Specific Information

System-specific information is described in the appropriate Oracle system-specific documentation for your platform.

Location of Standard Header Files

The location of the standard Pro*C/C++ header files-sqlca.h, oraca.h, and sqlda.h-is system specific. For other your system, see your Oracle system-specific documentation.

Specifying Location of Included Files for the C Compiler

When you use the Pro*C/C++ command-line option INCLUDE= to specify the location of a non-standard file to be included, you should also specify the same location for the C compiler. The way you do this is system specific. See"Migrating From Earlier Pro*C/C++ Releases" on page 3-9 .

ANSI C Support

Use the CODE= option to make the C code that Pro*C/C++ generates compatible with your system's C compiler. See "Function Prototyping" on page 3-12.

Struct Component Alignment

C compilers vary in the way they align struct components, usually depending on the system hardware. Use the sqlvcp() function to determine the padding added to the .arr component of a VARCHAR struct. See the section "Finding the Length of the VARCHAR Array Component" on page 3-46.

Size of an Integer and ROWID

The size in bytes of integer datatypes and the binary external size of ROWID datatypes are system dependent. See the section "INTEGER" on page 3-21 and the section "ROWID" on page 3-23.

Byte Ordering

The order of bytes in a word is platform dependent. See the section "UNSIGNED" on page 3-24.

Connecting to Oracle

Connecting to Oracle using the Net8 drivers involves system-specific network protocols. See the section "Connecting to Oracle8" on page 4-21 for more details.

Linking in an XA Library

You link in your XA library in a system-dependent way. See the section "Linking" on page 4-62, and your Oracle installation or user's guides, for more information.

Location of the Pro*C/C++ Executable

The location of the Pro*C/C++ Precompiler is system specific. See the section "The Precompiler Command" on page 9-2, and your installation or user's guides, for more information.

System Configuration File

Each precompiler installation has a system configuration file. This file is not shipped with the precompiler; it must be created by the system administrator. The location (directory path) which Pro*C/C++ searches for the system configuration file is system dependent. See the section "Configuration Files" on page 9-5 for more information.

INCLUDE Option Syntax

The syntax for the value of the INCLUDE command-line option is system specific. See "INCLUDE" on page 9-22.

Compiling and Linking

Compiling and linking your Pro*C/C++ output to get an executable application is always system dependent. See the section "Compiling and Linking" on page 9-41, and the following sections, for additional information.

User Exits

Compiling and linking Oracle Forms user exits is system specific. See Chapter 15, "Writing User Exits".


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