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CUM Management

CUM Management provides a mechanism for tracking the cumulative quantity received as of a given start date for each supplier site/item in a ship-to organization. The period during which the CUM is maintained is called the CUM period, and generally relates to a meaningful business time frame like the Model Year in the automotive industry.

At the start of a CUM period, all quantities are initialized to 0. As goods are received against a Supply Agreement Release for scheduled items, the CUM is updated. Receipts against other document types do not affect the CUM.

Oracle Supplier Scheduling automatically maintains the CUM quantity for the following transactions:

You can decide whether Return to Supplier (RTV) transactions and their associated corrections should be automatically included in the CUM calculation. You can also adjust the CUM quantity manually using the CUM Periods window.

A CUM period is started by selecting the Open CUM option in the Supplier Scheduling Options window. All CUM periods and their corresponding item quantities are saved and available for review in the CUM Periods window. An item's transaction history can be reviewed in the CUM Transaction History report.

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