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New Features in Supplier Scheduling Release 11

New features in this release include:

Electronic Schedule Communication

You can now communicate planning and shipping schedules using standard EDI transactions. See: EDI Transactions.

Schedules for Multiple Ship-to Organizations

We have added the ability to communicate forecast and firmed requirements for multiple ship-to organizations on one planning schedule. Firm requirements and forecast information for the ship-to organizations that you specify in the scheduler's workbench are used to build a consolidated planning schedule.

Open Releases from Scheduler's Workbench

You can now view source documents that contribute toward the requirements in a schedule. Also, you can now open an approved blanket release in the Schedule Orders window, modify and reapprove it in the Releases window, and rebuild the schedule to reflect the modifications. See: Schedule Orders.

Supplier Scheduling Purge

We have modified the purge process to include Supplier Scheduling and CUM Management data. See: .About Purging Records.

AutoSchedule Exceptions Report

We have added the AutoSchedule Exceptions Report so that you can view exceptions encountered during the AutoSchedule process. See: AutoSchedule Processes.

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