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Cost Management Profile Options

During implementation, you set a value for each user profile option to specify how Cost Management controls access to and processes data. The table below also indicates at whether you (the "User") can view or update the profile option and at what System Administrator levels the profile options can be updated: at the user, responsibility, application, or site levels.

Generally, the system administrator sets and updates profile values.

Indicates by whom and at what level the profile option can be updated.

Profile Option User System Administrator Requirements
  User User Resp App Site Required? Default Value
CST: Average Costing Option         Required System derived
CST:Cost Rollup - Wait For Table Lock     Required None
CST: Cost Update Debug Level   Required None
CST: Exchange Rate Type         Required None

CST: Average Costing Option

For average costing organizations, choose the type of average costing. The options are Inventory and Work in Process or Inventory only.

CST:Cost Rollup - Wait For Table Lock

Indicates whether the cost rollup waits until the desired information is available or errors out after 10 attempts.

CST: Cost Update Debug Level

Indicates none or the level and type of debug messages to print in the cost update log file.

CST: Exchange Rate Type

Indicates how to convert foreign currency. The options are period average rate or period end rate.

This profile is also used to control the exchange rate type used for the Margin Analysis Report, the Material Distribution Report, and the WIP Distribution Report. When entering a foreign exchange rate for one of these reports, you must specify the exchange rate type. For reporting profit and loss results, different countries use different financial standards. For example, U.S. companies convert using the period average rate, and Australian companies use the period end rate.

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