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Inbound Price / Sales Catalog (832 / PRICAT)

Use this transaction to import supplier catalogs into your Purchasing system as Catalog Quotes or Purchase Agreements to support on-line catalog lookup and purchase order placement. During the import process, supplier sourcing rules may be added to Oracle Purchasing, and the Oracle Inventory item master may be updated with catalog item changes or new catalog items.

Application(s) accessed Oracle Purchasing, Oracle Inventory
Applications Open Interface(s) Purchasing Document Open Interface, Item Open Interface
ASC X12 Transaction 832

Prerequisite Setup in Oracle Purchasing

Allow updating of item description in Purchasing Options. See: Defining Control Options.

Prerequisite Setup in Oracle Inventory

Allow the updating of item status codes at the site level. Set the INV: Default Item Status profile to Active. See: Oracle Inventory Profile Options and Receiving Catalog Information Electronically.

Interface Tables

The following tables appear in the Interface File Definition window for this transaction. These tables are populated by the EDI Gateway import program which are then processed by the Purchasing Document Open Interface API. Valid data are written to the application tables. Erroneous data are marked for correction.

The same tables appear in the Assign Categories window, under View Name, for this transaction. Columns within these tables are identified as candidates for code conversion.

Error Detection, Reporting, Correction, and Recovery

See the Oracle Manufacturing and Distribution Open Interfaces Manual, Release 11 for details regarding the Purchasing Document Open Interface table layout and import program business rules for validation, defaults, and derivations.

See Also

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