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Outbound Purchase Order (850 / ORDERS)

Use this transaction to procure goods and services from suppliers. Approved purchase orders (POs), including standard POs, planned orders, planned releases, blanket purchase agreement, and blanket releases can be extracted.

Application(s) accessed Oracle Purchasing
ASC X12 Transaction 850

Prerequisite Setup in Oracle Purchasing

Use Purchasing to convert purchase requisitions to POs or to create new POs, planned orders, blanket purchase agreements or blanket releases. Use Purchasing to approve POs before transmitting them to your supplier.

Interface Table, Extension Table, and View Names

The following tables and views appear in the Interface File Definition window for this transaction. See: Changing the Data File.

Interface Tables

Extension Tables

Each extension table shares its name with a base interface table, except for the trailing "_X". You must define the columns for the extension tables if you choose to use them. See: Extensible EDI Gateway Architecture.


The following views appear in the Assign Categories window, under View Name, for this transaction. Columns within these views are identified as candidates for code conversion. See: Code Conversion.

See Also

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