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Starting and Logging On

Web Environment

To start Oracle Applications in a Web environment enter the appropriate URL for your site in an Oracle Applications certified browser..

Windows Environment

To start Oracle Applications in the Windows environment double-click on an Oracle Applications icon.

After starting Oracle Applications, the first window you see is the sign-on window:

Figure 1 - 29.

Note: The appearance of your sign-on window may vary depending on how it is customized at your site.

You need an Oracle Applications username and password, also known as an Oracle Applications sign-on, to log on to Oracle Applications. It is different from the username and password you use to log on to your computer. If you are not sure of your Oracle Applications sign-on, consult your system administrator.

Oracle Applications security is based on your Oracle Applications sign-on. Your sign-on connects you to your responsibilities, which control your access to applications, functions, reports, and data.

   To log on to Oracle Applications:

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