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Using the Navigator's Documents Region

If you have a document, such as a particular purchase order, invoice, or sales order that you want to access later, you can create a link to the document using the Navigator's Document feature. The Navigator's Document feature allows you to create as many links as you want and save them in the Documents region of the Navigator window. The links can be represented as icons in the window or may be viewed as a list. Documents are defined as "real-world" documents such as those listed above, but may also include such documents as employees or plans. When you use a link to open a document, Oracle Applications opens the document in the appropriate form window. You can access the Document region using the alternative region poplist.

   Adding new Documents to the Navigator

   Opening the Navigator's Document Region

   To open a form from the Document Region

   Renaming Documents in the Navigator

Note: There is a limit of 80 characters for document names.

   Removing Documents from the Navigator

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