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A record is one occurrence of data stored in all the fields of a block. A record is also referred to as a row or a transaction, since one record either corresponds to one row of data in a database table or one logical transaction.

The Submit Request window is an example of a single-record block. To view the next record of information, you choose Next Record from the Go menu to replace all the field values in that block with field values for the next record.

The Requests window, by contrast, displays up to ten records of information simultaneously, with each record representing a request submitted from the Submit Request window. The Requests window contains fields arranged on the screen horizontally adjacent to each other, leaving enough space in the window to display up to ten records of information beneath the field headings. The Requests window is an example of a multi-record block.

The fields in a multi-record block appear as columns. You can use the vertical scroll bar located to the left of the first column to view any additional records hidden in that block.

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