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Linked Forms

In certain cases, it is useful to be able to access one form directly from another. For example, it may be very convenient to be able to open the Customers form directly from the Sales Orders form, to allow entry of a new customer while creating a new order, or to view information about a customer that has already been defined. From within certain forms you can open another form directly by using the Special menu or, depending on how Oracle Applications has been customized at your site, by choosing Zoom from the Go menu.

Special Menu

In some Oracle Applications windows, related inquiry or entry forms may be available from the Special menu. Depending on how many of these related forms are linked, they may be available directly as entries on the Special menu or by choosing the Go To... entry from the Special menu. Look in the Special menu of the window you are in or check the Reference Guide of the product you are using to see if the above options are available.


In certain cases, you may be able to access one form directly from another by choosing Zoom from the Action menu. Oracle Applications ship with no Zooms defined, and the Zoom entry on the Action menu is disabled. When this feature is available and how it behaves are determined by how Oracle Applications is customized at your site.

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