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Determining User Profile Option Values

Your system administrator can set values for user profile options at each profile level. Typically, your system administrator sets Site-level option values after installing Oracle Applications at a site. These Site-level option values apply until you or your system administrator changes them.

Oracle Applications derives a run-time value for each user's profile option based on the value set at the highest hierarchy level. For example, suppose your system administrator initially set your Printer option only at the Site and Responsibility levels. When you sign on to Oracle Applications, the Printer option assumes the value set at the Responsibility level, since it is the highest-level setting for that option. If you are not satisfied with that setting, you can set your own preference at the User-level, since your User-level setting overrides the Responsibility-level setting.

Note: Some option values can only be changed by the system administrator. You can view the value of such a user profile option, but you cannot modify that value. For example, you can view the value of the user profile option Concurrent:Request Priority, which is set at the User-level, but only your system administrator can modify its value for you.

If the default value of a user profile option at any level is inappropriate, your system administrator can change it at any time. Any change your system administrator makes takes effect as soon as you log on again or change responsibilities.

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