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Overview of the Account Generator

Applications need to construct Accounting Flexfield combinations automatically for various purposes. The Account Generator feature uses Oracle Workflow technology to provide applications with the ability to construct key flexfield combinations automatically using customized construction criteria. Each site can customize how they want to build key flexfield combinations.

Benefits of the Account Generator using Oracle Workflow

Automatic construction of key flexfield combinations speeds users' data entry.

Automatic construction of key flexfield combinations improves accuracy of data entry because users do not need to determine what key flexfield combination to enter.

Each site can customize rules for the construction of key flexfield combinations to match the existing way of doing business.

Suggestion: Before using or customizing the Account Generator, you should familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of Oracle Workflow. For more information, see the Oracle Workflow Guide.

Attention: The Account Generator replaces the Release 10 FlexBuilder feature. Information on upgrading from FlexBuilder is covered later in this chapter.

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