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Oracle Alert Precoded Alerts

Your Oracle Alert installation contains custom alerts that are designed to help you manage your database and the data you generate when you use Oracle Alert. Oracle Alert provides eight alerts that systematically monitor your system for potential tablespace, disk space, and allocation problems, making your Database Administrators more efficient, and increasing database performance.

Occasionally, you will want to purge your database of obsolete concurrent requests, alert checks, and action set checks. Oracle Alert provides two alerts that let you periodically remove old files, freeing up valuable tablespace and increasing database performance. Oracle Alert also provides an alert that clears your Oracle Alert electronic mail folders of older messages, keeping your send mail and response mail accounts to a manageable size.

This section gives you an overview of these eleven alerts, and suggestions on how to use them to enhance your system performance.


Before reading this discussion of precoded alerts, you may want to familiarize yourself with the following Glossary terms:

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