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Reporting On AuditTrail Data

AuditTrail lets you keep a history of changes to your important data: what changed, who changed it, and when. With AuditTrail, you can easily determine how any data row or element obtained its current value. You can track information on most types of fields, including character, number and date fields.

When you enter or update data in your forms, you change the database tables underlying those forms. AuditTrail tracks which rows in the database were updated at what time, and which user was logged in using the associated form(s).


Oracle Applications Releases 10.4 and above provide a mechanism based on Oracle database triggers. AuditTrail stores change information in a "shadow table" of the audited table. This mechanism saves audit data in an uncompressed but "sparse" format, and you enable auditing for particular tables and groups of tables ("audit groups").

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