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Assigning a Document Sequence

Before you can assign a sequence to number documents, you must define which documents are to be numbered.

Sequences versus Assignments

Defining a sequence is different from assigning a sequence to a series of documents.

Defining Documents for numbering by Assigned Sequences

You specify a combination of four rules that define any given document for assignment to a specific sequence name.

You can then assign a different (numbering) sequence to each document definition.

The four rules, that when combined, define what documents a selected sequence assigns numbers to are:

Application You select the application that generates the documents you wish to number.
For example, to number sales invoices, you select Oracle Receivables.
Category You select a document category to identify a logical subset of documents.
For example, if you do not want to number all invoices in Oracle Receivables, you can choose to number only the category of sales invoices.
A category identifies a table that stores transactions entered (documents generated) using an Oracle Application.
The Category values you can choose from to define a document are dependent upon the application you select.
Set of Books You select the chart of accounts for your business that is affected by the documents you wish to number. You may optionally enable this rule through the Document Flexfield.
Method You select the method that your documents are entered, automatic or manual. You may optionally enable this rule through the Document Flexfield.
Automatic is when a concurrent process, such as an external program, is set up to enter transaction data into an Oracle Application.
Manual is when a document is manually entered using a form in an application.

Assignment of Sequences to Document Definitions

For each unique document definition there can only be one active sequence assignment. A document definition consists of the Application, Category, and the optional Document Flexfield segments Set of Books and Method

Attention: When assigning sequences to a document definition, each active sequence can be assigned to only one unique combination of application and category (i.e., application table).

Active Assignments and Active Sequences

An active sequence assignment does not have a post dated end date. That is, the assignment's end date is not before the current date.

A sequence definition must be active as well. That is, the sequence definition's end date (as opposed to its assignment's end date) must not be before the current date.

When you define a document sequence, you give the sequence a name, and define how the sequence numbers each document by:

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