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Managing Concurrent Processing Files and Tables

This section explains how to maintain the number of log and output files the operating system retains, and how to manage Application Object Library database tables that store information about concurrent requests and concurrent manager processes.

The database tables that are affected by running the Purge Concurrent Request and/or Manager Data program are:


This table contains a complete history of all concurrent requests.


When a user submits a report set, this table stores information about the reports in the report set and the parameter values for each report.


This table records arguments passed by the concurrent manager to each program it starts running.


This table records when requests do not update database tables.


This table records information about Oracle Applications and operating system processes.


This table collects runtime performance statistics for concurrent requests.


This table contains the concurrent program performance statistics generated by the Purge Concurrent Request and/or Manager Data program. The Purge Concurrent Request and/or Manager Data program uses the data in FND_CONC_STAT_LIST to compute these statistics.

Maintenance Suggestions

Your MIS department and application users should agree on an archiving and file retention policy that is appropriate for your organization. To avoid running out of space on your disk drives, you should periodically delete Oracle Applications log files and output files.

Suggestion: You can run the program "Purge Concurrent Request and/or Manager Data" once and automatically resubmit the program for you at specific time intervals.

There are some sample guidelines for when to run the Purge Concurrent Requests and/or Manager Data program. Adopt these guidelines according to your user community's usage of Oracle Applications.

Purging loses Audit data

When you purge concurrent request information, you lose audit details. The Signon Audit Concurrent Requests report uses this audit information.

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