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Effects of Flexfield Value Security

The security rules you define and assign affect any segment or parameter that uses the same value set as the segment for which you initially set up your rules, provided that the other segment has security enabled and that the user works within the responsibility to which the rule is assigned.

For example, if your key flexfield segment shares its value set with a descriptive flexfield segment, your security rules also affect that descriptive segment. If you use the same value set for Standard Request Submission parameter values, the rules you assign here also affect your request parameter, provided that the parameter has security enabled.

Many Oracle Applications reports use predefined value sets that you may also use with your flexfield segments. If your flexfield segment uses a value set associated with a Standard Request Submission report parameter, the security rules you define here also affect the report parameter, provided that the parameter has security enabled. In addition, if you query a key flexfield combination where one or more of the segments already contain a secure value, you cannot update any of the segment values in the combination.

Security rules for the Accounting Flexfield also restrict query access to segment values in the Account Inquiry, Funds Available, and Summary Account Inquiry windows. In these windows, you cannot query up any combination that contains a secure value.

Entering Values in Flexfields and Report Parameters

Flexfield Value Security limits the values you can enter in segments in flexfield pop-up windows or report parameters. If you enter a secure segment or parameter, you cannot enter values for which you do not have access, and those values do not appear in the list of values for that segment or parameter. If you try to enter a value for which you do not have access, you see an error message defined by the person who created the security rule. Note that if a segment default value or shorthand entry alias contains a value that you are restricted from using, that value disappears immediately and you must enter a different value in that segment.

Defining Values

If Flexfield Value Security is available for your value set and you are using a responsibility that has enabled security rules, you cannot define or update excluded values using the Segment Values window. See: Segment Values Window.

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