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Concurrent Program Libraries Window

Use this window to register program libraries, which are lists of immediate concurrent programs that you wish to link with a concurrent manager. Concurrent managers use the programs in a program library to run their immediate programs. You must register libraries before you can define concurrent managers. You can only include immediate-type concurrent programs in program libraries.

After adding any immediate concurrent program to your library or creating a new library, you must rebuild and relink your library before your changes take effect. After you rebuild and relink your library, the system administrator must restart the concurrent manager using your library.

You can only register program libraries that you have already built at the operating system level.


Concurrent Program Libraries Block

The combination of application name plus library name uniquely identifies your set of programs.

Library Name

This is the same name you gave to your program library file at the operating system. The library name must be eight characters or less.

System administrators can then assign this library name to concurrent managers. Each concurrent manager is linked to one program library and can only run immediate-type programs that use concurrent program executables that are part of that library. A concurrent manager can run other execution type programs that are not in its program library.


The bin directory under this application's top directory should contain the executable program library file.

Library Type

There are two types of program library you can define:

Concurrent Library A library of immediate concurrent programs to link with a concurrent manager.

Transaction Library A library of transaction programs to link with a transaction manager.

Concurrent Programs Block

List the concurrent program executables you have linked to this program library at the operating system level.


Enter the name of an immediate-type concurrent program executable that you linked into your program library at the operating system. This block verifies that the program name and application name you specify uniquely identify a defined concurrent program executable.


This is the application to which your concurrent program belongs.

Rebuild Library

Select this button when you need to rebuild your concurrent library. You should rebuild your library whenever you add new programs to your library.

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