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Bank Details KeyFlexField

Bank Details KeyFlexField [sic]
Owner Oracle Payroll
Flexfield Code BANK
Number of Columns 30
Width of Columns 60
Dynamic Inserts Possible Yes
Structure Column ID_FLEX_NUM

The Bank Details KeyFlexfield [sic] holds legislation specific bank account information. The Bank Details structure that you see is determined by the legislation of your Business Group.

Localization teams determine the data that is held in this flexfield. Each localization team defines a flexfield structure that allows you to record the bank account information relevant to each legislation.

If you are using a legislation for which a Bank KeyFlexfield structure has been defined you should not modify the predefined structure.

Warning: You should not attempt to alter the definitions of the Bank Details Flexfield which are supplied. These definitions are a fundamental part of the package. Any change to these definitions may lead to errors in the operating of the system.

It is possible that Oracle Human Resources will use the other segments of this flexfield in the future. Therefore, you should not try to add other segments to this Flexfield. This may affect your ability to upgrade the system in the future.

Consult your Oracle Human Resources National Supplement for the full definition of your Bank Details Flexfield.

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