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A combination is a particular complete code, or combination of segment values that makes up the code, that uniquely identifies an object. For example, each part number would be a single combination, and if you had ten parts you would define ten combinations. A valid combination is simply a combination that may currently be used (that is, it is not out of date or disabled).

Note that many of the Oracle Applications products (and their documentation) do not necessarily refer to key flexfield combinations as "combinations". They may refer to combinations using the name of the entity or the key flexfield itself. For example, Oracle Assets uses a key flexfield called the "Asset Key Flexfield" and refers to one of its combinations as "an asset key" or "an asset key flexfield". In another example, Oracle General Ledger and other Oracle Applications products generally use the term "account" or "GL account" to refer to combinations of the Accounting Flexfield.

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